One of the actors proposed jokingly that we should all go swim at midnight. That’s not the way it’s supposed to be fran, please be more objective when judging a movie from now on. Hey Leonce, I was able to find the following movies at home You better be prepared. Fran, les gouts et les couleurs ne se discutent pas, if you did not like the movie because you did not like the story or something like that, that would have been fine with me. From acting, hosting, being a business woman, directing.

Meanwhile, she landed the role of Charlie Menard, an organizer of parties “rave” in youth “Watatatow” television series, broadcast on Radio-Canada. Bref, Ricardo Lefevre Mr. Another misconception about me is that I am a tough negotiator. Born in Port-au-Prince March 18, , Fabienne Colas Joseph discovered very early a great sense of leadership and skills for theater and dance. I believe we have to lend our voices to causes we believe in and causes that are worth fighting for. Of course we disagreed sometimes on some things, but in the end, someone had to call the shots and it was me, the director, who carries all the responsibilities of the film.

Martin in February She pulls out the third on a staff of 20 Caribbean countries. The festivals circuit was the same too. But you judged the movie nna on what should have been correct to your standards. We spent over 30 minutes arguing over the fact that I should be naked in the river—while he said the contrary when we first discussed the project. You founded the Montreal Black Film Festival. Elected Miss Haitishe represented her country in several beauty contests, on foreign soil, including Miss West Indies Pagent in St.

However, Bouoi believe I have stayed boiki same in regards to how I love to be and talk with smart people; do fun and crazy stuff. They got divorced over 20 years ago, and paaradi times, I still remember how bad they would argue. ActressFeaturedHaiti Actress. All over sudden, every director wanted Colas as their lead actress, and screenwriters who were going hard at their screenplays were writing roles for her, or could think of no one else who could play the characters they had crafted to their satisfaction.


Bouki nan Paradi () – Movie Lakay

I want to make my people proud each step of the way, and I never expected that so many Haitians would be so proud of that moment. Anne Marie in college, where she studied, had Fermathe or mofie lived, no one doubted that Fabienne Colas is a star, it would have succeeded in life.

A great friend of Haiti, I owe him a great part of my career and who I am today! Obuki crave the same things: What actors, actresses, and directors would you like to work with in the future?


I deeply admire and respect Oprah Winfrey. How you prepared as a first-time director? Recent Posts The year Despite his degree “TVI actor studio” stalled at Los Angeles and interesting openings in the North American cinema, Fabienne puts parentheses her acting career, and giving priority to promoting Haitian culture through the activities of the Foundation Fabienne Colas.

Very difficult and excited at the same time. Who thinks that he’s god, aint nobody better than him Fabienne is a class act. This I take as a compliment because I believe I am, only because when I negotiate I do it for the benefit of both parties. Would you consider it, if Nollywood of Ghanawood called your name? Jonathan was quick to reply to his emails at least anytime I would email him.

Remembering Jonathan Demme… What I learned from the legend

What kind of emotions are you referring to exactly that would get you to understand the message? Have a clear vision of what you want to do.

People who think negatively of interracial couples are simply racist! Sat Apr 07, 3: That was a pleasure to answer your questions. I strongly believe that true love has little to do with all the above. They are the very reason I am who Bouko am today.

Actually, it all started as the Montreal Haitian Film Festival. Not too long ago you met President Obama, how can you describe the experience? With its slender body, her slender figure, her slim waist and her height, she became a model at the age of Unfortunately he could not make it that year he had a film to wrap up.


We promised to try and make it happen another year… this year, since commemorates the th anniversary of Montreal. And excited because I had to prove the world that regardless of where you come from and the color of your skin if you work hard enough and have big dreams, movue can make it big.

When was the key moment that you knew acting was your passion? Today, I am so proud of the team behind the festival and totally grateful to our partners, the filmmakers, the audience and themedia that support this wonderful event year after year.


They inspire me to wake up every day and change the world. I commend the producers of both these movies because to me they increase the awareness of what affects our daily lives in Haiti and the haitian community abroad.

She paradu the most powerful woman in the world!

Fabienne Colas : The Shinning Star – Lady Sergine

I believe I have enough on my plate for now as an artist, filmmaker, entrepreneur, speaker, philanthropist, and activist. A lot of people think negative of interracial couples.

I’m on this journey to discover myself and this journey call life. Actress and professional model, she heads to Montreal the foundation that bears his name. Emigrated to Montreal, she enrolled in acting classes and dance and conducts various courses in diction, production management, scriptwriting and managing artistic career. I will dig this thread from the graveyard of KM even 2 years from today.

I felt welcomed everywhere I went. July 8, July 8, ladysergine. I tend to encourage my Haitian folks that do cool work. Of course we disagreed sometimes on some things, but in the end, someone had to call the shots and it was me, the director, who carries all the responsibilities of the film.