Paulus developed an uncontrollable tic in his eye, which eventually afflicted the left side of his face, while Chuikov experienced an outbreak of eczema that required him to have his hands completely bandaged. A handful of senior officers were taken to Moscow and used for propaganda purposes, and some of them joined the National Committee for a Free Germany. At a minimum, tons were required. German front, 19 November. Battle of Asal Uttar Battle of Chawinda. In Erickson, Ljubica; Erickson, Mark. USA Today 2 February

South West Front [Note 3]. Don Southwestern Stalingrad Voronezh. With the initial operations being very successful, the Germans decided that their summer campaign in would be directed at the southern parts of the Soviet Union. These bridgeheads in retrospect presented a serious threat to Army Group B. For both Stalin and Hitler, Stalingrad became a matter of prestige far beyond its strategic significance. Retrieved 16 July

Axis order of battle at the Battle of Stalingrad. If only a narrow link could be established to Sixth Army, he proposed that this should be used to pull it out from the encirclement, and stalinbradu that the Luftwaffe should instead of stqlingradu deliver only enough ammunition and fuel for a breakout attempt. Archived from the original on 25 May The Third Reich at War: The events of the Battle for Stalingrad have been covered in numerous media works of British, American, German, and Russian [] origin, for its significance as a turning point in the Fim World War and for the loss of life associated with the battle.

The Germans made slow but steady progress through the city. Of the tanks the Soviets had committed, 30 were lost to air attack. Heavy fighting continued for another two months.

The railway station changed hands 14 times in six hours. The public mood was sullen, depressed, fearful, and war-weary. Toward the end of the battle, the gigantic railroad gun nicknamed Dora was brought into the area.

Most of the armed groups were liquidated by March The starving encircled forces at Stalingrad made no attempt to break out or link up with Manstein’s advance. However, the combination of constant air support operations on the German side and the Soviet surrender of the daytime skies began to affect the strategic balance in the air. The delay was long, and it is thought that it cost the advance at least one week.


As General Chuikov acknowledged, “Remembering the defence of Stalingrad, I can’t overlook the very important question On 23 August a German spearhead penetrated the city’s northern suburbs, and the Luftwaffe rained incendiary bombs that destroyed most of the city’s wooden housing.

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Much of the city was quickly turned to rubble, although some factories continued production while workers joined in the fighting. Nikolay Vatutin consisted of three complete armies, the 1st Guards Army5th Tank Armyand 21st Army, including a total of 18 infantry divisionseight tank brigadestwo motorized stalingrafu, six cavalry divisions and one anti-tank brigade.

Yes, we felt better.

On 23 JulyHitler personally rewrote the operational objectives for the campaign, greatly expanding them to include the occupation of the city of Sta,ingradu. Germany’s Sixth Army had ceased to exist, and the forces of Germany’s European allies, except Finland, had been shattered.

The difference is comparing the city against the region. In the early parts of the operation, fuel was shipped at a higher priority than food and ammunition because of a belief that there would be a breakout from the city.

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Germany was looking in the face of defeat. On 23 December, the attempt to relieve Stalingrad stzlingradu abandoned and Manstein’s forces switched over to the defensive to deal with new Soviet offensives.

Yeryomenko and Commissar Nikita Khrushchev were tasked with planning the defense of Stalingrad. Inside the pocket German: The fighting degenerated into house-to-house fighting; both sides poured reinforcements into the city. Hitler reiterated that the Sixth Army would stay at Stalingrad and that the air bridge would supply it until the encirclement was broken by a new German offensive.

German front, 24 December. Buildings had to be cleared room by room ztalingradu the bombed-out debris of residential neighborhoods, office blocks, basements and apartment high-rises. Choice Reviews Online, 27 05pp.


Scholars have produced different estimates depending on their definition of the scope of the battle. This “harvest victory” left the city short of food even before the German attack began. With the initial operations being very successful, the Germans decided that their summer campaign in would be directed at the southern parts of the Soviet Union.

Stalingrad has been described as the biggest defeat in the history of the German Army. Fighting within the ruined city was fierce and desperate. The Red Army High Command sent three envoys while simultaneously aircraft and loudspeakers announced terms of capitulation bigva 7 January The Romanian Air Force lost 79 bitvw, most of them captured on the ground along with their airfields.

The Soviets were initially surprised by the number of Germans they had trapped, and had to reinforce their encircling troops. Approaching this place, [Stalingrad], soldiers used to say: Some German officers requested that Paulus defy Hitler’s orders to stand fast and instead attempt to break out of the Stalingrad pocket. The battle for the German-Romanian airfield at Karpova lasted two days, with Romanian gunners destroying numerous Soviet tanks.

Retrieved 5 December The Soviets bigva not bother employing tanks in areas where the urban destruction restricted their mobility. The Battle that Changed History. Soviet Reports on the effects of air raids between 23—26 August Hiwi often proved to be reliable Axis personnel in rear areas and were used for supporting roles, but also served in some frontline units as their numbers had increased.

In particular, the so-called HiWisSoviet citizens fighting for the Germans, had no illusions about their fate if captured.