Powered by SMF 1. Although not necessary, it sure is nice. The buttons gradually re-light with a clock like action as the skills they represent become available. Helpful when deciding where to Instance or Raid based on potential gear upgrades. Sign In Sign Up. I had to change occurrences of ‘Deep Wound’ to ‘Deep Wounds’. This is an old favorite of mine.

bigwigs wow addon

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Very useful, especially since these comments are now buried under much more recent and less applicable comments from later expansions.

Contains Instance and Raid Maps. Also provides better Wide Screen Field of View. This is a viable option for that Feature. Bigwiga nobility is not superiority over your fellow man, instead it is superiority over your former self. Nice job working fine but i got like 2x small buggs.

[AddOn] BigWigs – UI, AddOns & Macros – Elysium Project

The only module missing is Karazhan. Powered by SMF 1.

This addon adds a weighted value for each item a player has equipped based on Addin Level. Configure flashing notifications of important text. Titan Panel is extremely configurable and Many other Addons have Plugins for it.


I’m trying this addon now.

WoW BigWigs Countdown Arnold Schwarzenegger addon bfa/classic

Damage Meters As it sounds, this is another Damage Meter. BigWigs is a boss encounter add-on.

bigwigs wow addon

This Addon will tell you how much your Crit Chance Percentage will go up if you Equip the piece of gear you are looking at.

Sign up for a new account in our community. Very useful, often required by Raiding Guilds for Healers. Enhanced Tooltip This addon expands Mouse over Tooltips to provide additional information. The entire AddOn was still a big Work in Progress at that time and I did not announce it earlier because at first bigwifs was intended to be exclusive for my guild. Post multiple Auctions, see current prices in one window. The buttons gradually re-light with a clock like action and as the skills they represent become available.

bigwigs wow addon

If you don’t hate it, we probably can’t be friends. I’m not sure if there is much of a difference in raidboss scripts on this server and I don’t plan on actively playing at this timeI will most likely start playing again on new content release.

BigWigs Countdown Arnold Schwarzenegger

Grid Healer friendly Unit Frames. When you grind them all the time, it is sometimes hard to remember which ones you completed today already. If you want to participate in addno process of adjusting or enhancing the Addon, I need video footage of boss fights at least from three different fights of the same boss, so that I can calculate and compare the times a certain boss mechanic happenedChat must be visible and all chat entries adon a timestamp important for boss emotes which trigger boss mechanics.


The buttons gradually re-light with a clock like action as the skills they represent become available.

bigwigs wow addon

It is super helpful. Tho its working in background. Get this Addon, Just Get it. Recount One of the longest lived Damage Meters.

BigWigs Bossmods

Decursive Adds a little set of buttons that glow when Party or Raid members are Debuffed. Already have an account? This is an old favorite of mine.

Like blink happens after second when timer goes off.