Wednesday 8 May The reason for the mix-up is possibly due to both genres containing triggered drums, slam riffs, guttural vocals, gore-related lyrics; the difference is mostly in the delivery. Length 11 tracks, Quite brutal and catchy at the same time, very consistent. Tuesday 23 July

benighted identisick

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Identisick | Benighted

Wednesday 5 June Written by Guest on Friday 2 August Wednesday 15 May Saturday 22 June Tuesday 21 May I have beighted growling for 6 months, and I still have a lot to work on, but Identisick is an album worth practicing the brutal growls to.

Tuesday 16 July Streaming and Download help.

I can’t speak for everyone but hear more Benighted in this than I do Hate Eternal: I’ve been blasting Morbid Angel all the week Saturday 6 April Monday 22 July Sunday 31 March USA Idengisick album indeed. Wednesday 28 August Are Cannibal Corpse brutal in general?


benighted identisick

Tuesday 2 July Friday 9 August Saturday 6 July Wednesday 24 July Sunday 21 July Napalm Death are fucking “brutal” but not in that sense. Friday 5 July Monday 29 April I’m quite confused and not-yet-much into DM. Friday 28 June Tuesday 24 September Monday 5 August Us Smurfs got to stick together man!

Sunday 23 June Sunday 11 August Is None So Vile of Cryptopsy brutal?

benighted identisick

Thursday 27 June Sunday 2 June Benighted – Identisick review. USA Benighted is one of my favorite icentisick metal bands, but I can’t find any sites where I can buy it, except from Adipocere records, but I don’t want to send cash all the way to France.