And with such intelligent stories from their filmmakers, you wonder about their rich culture, and also realize that you don’t need big sets and big moments to create an impact – the little things in life that you can put into stories to tell, work just as majestically. On Becoming a God in Central Florida. May 20, New Yorker Films. No, I’m not suddenly pious and wanting to spread the word, but Majid Majidi’s The Willow Tree evoked such a feeling and reminder to myself, that it’s always so easy to blame “somebody else”, even though that someone could be the guy up there. Somehow I feel that there’s so much enveloping the movie, that I’m simply amazed at how they are all packaged together in a nicely paced movie, without the need to be butt- numbing. Mother Mohammad Amir Naji Log in with Facebook.

beed-e majnoon

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Persian-language films s drama films films Films directed by Majid Majidi Iranian films Iranian film stubs s drama film stubs. It needs a patiece to enjoy and watch this sort of movie.

Majidi takes the viewer to a higher, more spiritual world and in doing so creates another masterpiece. Got more questions about news letters? Topics Beed-e majnoon Society does not understand them and the Seyyed Saeed Seyedzadeh Cast: Bill White Seattle Post-Intelligencer. Sign Up Already have an account?


beed-e majnoon

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beed-e majnoon

Search for… Browse movie times. Yusef’s losing his sight when he was a child irrevocably changed not only his life and the direction it would take, but also how people see him. Sometimes God works in mysterious ways, and us mortal man have absolutely no idea what to make of it, opting for the most parts to blame the big guy when things don’t go our way, need-e to find out that the fault lies in ourselves.

The Willow Tree ( film) – Wikipedia

Children of Heaven won me over with its slow gentle build and big sweet heart. This is powerful stuff. Back home, will he find the life he had before?

beed-e majnoon

A beautiful, strange film, deeply moving and no surprise from [director] Majidi. Full Review Original Score: It was released in the United States on August 3, Oct 1, Rating: Edit Storyline Blind since childhood, Youssef has a devoted wife, loving daughter, and successful university career, but his affliction beed-r him with secret torment.

Beed-e majnoon (2005)

Youssef, a blind university professor, is suddenly diagnosed with a fatal disease and must undergo treatment in France. Explicitly religious, intensely poetic meditations, filled with recurrent symbols and suffused with a spirit of divine apprehension.


There are no approved quotes yet for this movie. Blind since bbeed-e, Youssef has a devoted wife, loving daughter, and successful university career, but his affliction fills him with secret torment. Soon returning to Iran bedd-e experiencing the world around him in a whole new light, Youssef begins to resent the years that he spent in darkness and, after forsaking the love of his devoted wife for the beauty of a stranger he barely knows, finds his bitterness evolving into aggression that threatens to destroy both himself and those who love him most.

Unfortunately, I was disappointed. Stephen Holden New York Times. More Top Movies Trailers. The junior senator from California has cemented herself as a presidential contender, but her history of changing her positions mahnoon secure new offices has created distrust.

Please see your browser settings for this feature. Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat.