Talking about the E Prankster , interior redecorating and stocking the Doc Shop Exploring the new biomes in search of the dark oak trees. Touring Arkasdam Discussing tree building. The playlist for this season is “The Mindcrack Minecraft Server”. Slaying of the Wither. Turning the Arena into a courtroom Practicing their story for the court hearing Convincing Pause to be a lawyer for them Leaving a bribe for Baj. Meeting NewMindcracker at the Town Hall and noticing that some areas are dark enough to spawn monsters Reconstructing the bridge from his house to spawn Correcting what he had said about lighting in the Town Hall and changing some minor floor designs. You coming at me?

Working on buildings in the arena village Looking for adlingtont. Discovering a hidey-hole from Kurt underneath his house Working on his house above the arena village Starting to construct the rail line to the arena. I can’t get this thing out of my mouth! Collecting animals Working on the exterior walls of the arena. Explaining how the classes are set up Inaugural Arena Games. Taking a Zisteaunian shower Lining the base of the arena in obsidian and sandstone. Visiting Guude’s village and trying to trade with villagers Touring Doc’s treehouse Touring Etho’s base and killing cows. Looking at the new houses and Etho’s signs on the arena Talking about the transition from contracting to being a full time YouTuber Growing trees around his new area.

At the Arena village Checking out the villagers and constructing a new house in Guude’s village Discussing other games he’s playing. Enchanting and leaving a gift for Zisteau Removing older portions of the arena stands Watching thejims carve the river with TNT. This page has been accessed 13, times. Opening Zisteau’s present of food Looking at Arkas’ work on the arena roof Exploring the the spawn village.

Front facade and floor of house completed Work on the village “HomeDepot”. Constructing the Cave Spider trap, finding more spawners. Building a sheriff’s office in Mudbucket. Talking about designs for the roof and the interior of the town hall Enchanting a shovel and looking at the temporary additions around spawn Making an automatic wheat farm. Harvesting the Nether farm Response to Pause’s obsidian snowman prank Finding the treasure left by Arkas.

Talking about last Christmas Looking for Christmas gifts Opening and leaving gifts.

Minecraft Building with BdoubleO – Episode 180 – Where Bad Horses Go

Finding a giant pixelated string on the roof from Etho and Episodf Showing his original backyard plan on his test world Visiting Pyro’s bookstore Reading Vechs signs at spawn Warning viewers about getting [ “catfished” ] Laying out his pool.


Responding to Pyro’s prank Building a shrine in an attempt to humiliate Pyro.

Showing what has changed with the Town Hall Explaining why he didn’t film the entire building process and discussing lighting methods Making the pediment of the town hall. Showing his farm and the beginnings of his house Getting lost in the nether Opening his Christmas gift. Showing changes to the arena village Getting caught in Etho’s trap Talking about Feed the Beast server. Traveling to and exploring the new lands Discovering a jungle to build in. Discovering that the arena ‘s roof has burned down Working on his track and setting up the zombie spawner Talking about his videos and suicide.

Looking at the progress on the roof of the arena Making a musical gift bdohbleo VintageBeef Discussing noteblocks.

Minecraft :: NEW Tree Building! :: Building with Bdo…

Explaining the story behind the formation of the B Team Detonating TNT at Etho’s new base and filling his chests with cobble Trying to retrieve generikb’s stuff.

Making epusode skeleton trap with Etho and Guude.

Clearing paulsoares jungle with a Wither, lava and fire. Leaving a gift for Pause Discussing home owners Working on the arena entrance and vender booths. Visiting the club in the Arena village Walking through the Nether to generikb’s home Exploring a Nether fortress Caving at Generikb’s place. Working spisode the Arena roof Discussing Millbee’s application video to the B Team Talking about MineCon and trying to get tickets Harvesting sugarcane, making paper and trading for emeralds at generikb’s Discussing farming mob heads and fixing houses in generikb’s visits.

Shipping discs for the Record Shop. Adding and discussing new interior details Incorporating stained glass. See Slaying of the Wither.

Live stream Cleaning up Adlington’s prank Hanging out with Generikb, including talk on hunger mechanics, RV touch ups, talk on Minecon, and Generikb’s haul from temples Talk on upgrading his computer and 1. Breeding cows Discussing comments and style Working on his dock. Opening the record store Moving a testificate to the store. Flooding part of the mineshaft and adding a bridge Talking about personal hygiene. Working on decorating the arena entrance.

Caving with Guude Exploring a ravine.


BdoubleO/videos – The Unofficial Fan-Run MindCrack and HermitCraft Wiki

Implementation of Baj’s fountain suggestions and other tweaks in the arena village Discussing skyzm ‘s YouTube channel Building box seats in the Arena. Discovering Etho has taken over their lever shop Building the Redstone Emporium at Etho’s jungle base. Accepting adlington’s challenge Finding the Record Shop is under Baj’s management Removing stone brick and torches from the Record Shop Searching for leather and finding a new area Enchanting his leather armor for the fight with adlington.

Breeding Taylor Swift and Beyonc? Mindcrack Server – Episode 76″.

Opening a real estate agency with generik Negotiating terms and conditions Assigning values to lots. Discovering Canadian flags in the arena Building a fountain outside the arena Killing mcgamer for Etho. Working with Generikb to fix the redstone for his fire and in his mines. Working on the entrances to the arena working on the second tier of stands. Mindcrack Server – Episode 66″. Searching for the skeleton spawner Epispde a skeleton trap with Etho and Guude.

Mindcrack Server – Episode 67″. Mindcrack Server – Episode 57″. Hanging out at generikb’s base Trading with villagers Fighting mobs appearing from under thejims mycelium island Leaving the threat of a “horse head” at thejims.

Please use the talk page for contact. Gathering Nether quartz Talking about Minecraft updates Turning the lever store in the Spawn village into a Quartz store.

Searching bdouleo diamonds and iron for his beacon Prepping to cure a zombie villager. Building a monument to his horse, Climb 1 Buying another horse from Ol’ Pappy and building him a new general store in return. Discussing and using shaders Talking about his plans for a contracting business on the server Building a store for his contracting business.

BDoubleO Videos – Page 52

Discovering the arena village has been walled in and covered by sand Cleaning episodw adligtont’s prank Modifying Guude’s village to increase villager breading Enchanting at the Ender Ender. Exploring a mineshaft Working on building his house.

Talking about the MindCrack Marathon Discussing string in the snapshot Designing a garage to stable his horses.