Drakola January 10, at A young boy who is spiritually gifted from birth was loved by all. His faith was put to test when he met an old man whose belief was different from his and he developed an intense desire for more powers. This a family drama in which a desperate wife realizes that her husband started cheating on her. Yoruba movie subtitles that are ridiculously funny. Time to educate our people.

Learn more about it here. Yoruba Movie Academy Awards: Nollywood Yoruba movies everyone should watch. Paul Ifeanyi Obiji January 10, at Tony Balogun January 10, at Thanks for revealing this religious scam against our tradition.

Izuchi Joseph January 10, at Besides, you should watch this movie for the stars playing in it. Time to educate our people.

We came to one of the greatest things in Nollywood industry. People have been moovie for this movie for a long time, and the directors along with producers promised that this waiting was absolutely worth it.

Watch the story of a real bbabatunde in which dramatic secrets, lies, and other pitfalls are about to come to the surface.

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We promise you will enjoy every second of watching this film. That is second in command of an Irunmole like Folofunsho. The story is full of pain and real-life frustrations. She asks her to live with her for some time for comfort and be her advisor on mocie to make her husband come back to the family. This is another defamation against traditional religion in other words Blaspheme.


You will enjoy this movie for sure, as the producers picked the best cast including:.

This movie is about inequality: Watch it if you are tired of all silly Nollywood comedies and just want something meaningful to see. Another amazing movie which features many popular Nollywood stars we will talk about in a second. The film is okay but the sound track is pure and part of the propaganda foloorunsho traditional religion.

Download Film: Babatunde Ishola Folorunsho [PART 2] – Latest Yoruba Movie 2016

Paul Ifeanyi Obiji January 10, at Oba like Ooni of Ife is regarded as Igbakeji Orisa. It has a great cast and a plot which will not leave you indifferent.

And you should only spend time watching the best ones.

Among many of the talented Nollywood stars who played in oyruba were also:. Tony Balogun January 10, at Saraki loses massively in Kwara.

Babatunde Ishola Folorunsho [PART 3] – Latest Yoruba Movie Action Drama [PREMIUM] | ssmovies

So, for those of you who are interested in watching the best movies produced by the Nollywood professionals, then here is what you should watch right away.


To save you from possible spoilers but also to make you want to foloruneho this film, we will introduce you to the Nolyywood male and female actors who are in the movie:. However, by the end of the film, the ishoal comes home to her sister instead. Yoruba Movie Academy Awards: There are good movies, but there are the best ones. This film is about a family life in which the wife believes that they are happy, while the husband has a different opinion. I listened to the sound track too.

Thanks for the awareness many would babatubde be watching without taking note of this delibately enbeded religious scan or fraud against traditional religion. The plot will not let you feel bored, as the scene keeps changing all the time.

Drakola January 10, at Igbakeji Orisa can never be a thief.

S Basses Near Russia! There is everything you need in a movie: