Streaming and Download help. The group gave relevance to the use of pitched and drone material, without abandoning the rich production of noise, but somehow taking a distance from a dry approach to sound. Colaboration between three labels. And we do not speak about silence, we speak about silent music. Published on July Categories:

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Spontaneous video by Jeff Gburek. Dalmatinac download jovan delija. Yg Offical Ndabeko 22 Plays 4 Downloads. Harp, electro acoustic device.

Installed nowadays in Berlin, Germany, Capece and Brusci work together in a project that sees Capece playing a solo set with prepared curved soprano saxophone, bass clarinet and Sruti Box, that is diffused by Lorenzo Brusci in his unique self made speakers set, placed in unusual and unexpected sectors of the performance space. After working together in different combinations, these four musicians met in October at Les Halles, Belgium and made a residence that included a recording session fre a live concert with 8 speakers and 1 sub woofer.

The group worked in residency in Berlin and in Brussels, made a tour in Holland and produced a CD carefully recorded in studio.

Lucio Capece

A second Cd called Explorational. After and beyond John Cage Radu Malfatti creates a music that can deal with the most subtle, and then, rich aspects of sound perception. Xesta Krimino Dance 19 Plays 9 Downloads.


Estrelas cadentes henrique e juliano youtube downloader. First CD released on Formed Records. Their first concert was part of an evening related to Luigi Nono.

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The pendulums follow the physics of oscillating phenomena and move creating a sort of coordinated dance, visually attractive but that also influences the characteristics of the music. In the Avion Negro quintet and the Hipereter quartet two drums and two reeds they have been sharing are search movement from the interaction between composition and improvisation from a post free jazz language towards agion free improvisation and the composition based in the physic characteristics of sound.

They have been working on it since A link to a recording of a complete live version of the piece can be offered under request. Streaming and Download help.

avion dnk free mp3

Amber was created in Keyner Tonyumiza 22 Plays 5 Downloads. A huge set of delicate hand crafted objects. You can change the cookie storage and access settings in your web browser. Analog and digital electronic devices. Why a sound with this characteristics can be perceived more deeply than a loud sound? Marie Fjeltsted’s latest art-pop creation is forward-thinking but accessible, intimate but luxuriously detailed.

Kafrimansio Ni wewe 22 Plays 5 Downloads. The recording was considered a step towards a more expressive approach to minimal improvisation, snk tendency that was developed during the following years by several other musicians in the area. Since he dedicates to offer works focused in the Perception experience, that he performs mainly in solo and in the context of occasional collaborations based in the same interest.


Lucio Capece – Festiwal Sanatorium Dźwięku

Video- Music for Flying Speakers- Bologna. The Cee Onono 19 Plays 13 Downloads.

Toshimaru Nakamura is unique in using a mixing console as a live, interactive musical instrument. Ajector Joga 23 Plays 9 Downloads.

avion dnk free mp3

After 10 years focused in Electro Acoustic Improvisation he dedicates in the last years, to works focused in the Perception experience, that he performs mainly in Solo and in the context of occasional collaborations.

Yg Narndor 21 Plays 4 Downloads. Mika Vainio and Lucio Capece have finished recording and mixing a duo album. Dokta Pinan Kawaida 65 Plays 11 Downloads.