For parallel transfer of print data. To do this, connect the PC and the printer via the serial or parallel interface. Depressing the foot switch triggers the printing and dispensing of one label. Press the Feed button to increase and the Cut button to decrease the print contrast. Press the red button to release the dispensing roller. The printer only feeds the next unprinted label backwards underneath the printhead and begins printing, once the previous label has been taken off.

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Looking for a quick and easy way to print on your Avery products? Read our step by step guide below to find out how to get started with hetmark clever barcode tool.

Print jobs are received, but not processed, via the selected interface. Status Rewinder mat. Holds the new foil roll. If the packaging has been dented or torn, please check the contents particularly carefully for damage that may have resulted from transportation. JOBS Another point on half line height above the first shows the interpreter status: You can now print directly onto your labels or save your PDF to print later.


When you are ready to add your barcode, click the QR and Barcodes icon on the left hand side. Carefully lift the printer together with the polystyrene cushions out of the box.

Create QR and Barcodes for free

If you clicked Mergeyou will be asked to browse for your barcode file on your computer. Windows Printer Driver AP 4.

Looking for Templates to Download? Click to see our Mailing Template Gallery. From the toolbar that appears, you can then select which barcode type you would like to create from the drop down list. Choose your template design. Deflects the jehmark paper. We’re Here to Help.

avery jetmark

The interpreter is busy still hetmark left in the spooler. Drag and drop this to the box in the middle of the screen to add your fields to design.

Service and Support

Switch off the printer. The pull force is either regulated automatically using default parameters, or it can be set manually.

avery jetmark

Dispenser Modes The following modes of operation are available for the dispenser: Touching of live parts can cause lifethreatening body currents and burns! Standalone Mode For AP 5. Want to see more of our templates? Deflects the printed label metmark without dispensing any labels.


Deflects the label web.

avery jetmark

You can also search by product description, click on the column headings to sort agery size, product description, colour or layout. It takes just 5 simple steps to print your Avery products!

Avery Dennison Windows Printer Drivers

Press the red button to release the dispensing roller. In some challenging applications, a reduced impression accuracy may occur. Avery are not barcode experts; we offer free software which will turn barcode numbers into scannable barcodes. The meaning of each button varies according to the operating condition and the menu item. Card You require the following to load a print job from a CF card: Do you need a help?

During initialisation, the printer attempts to stretch the label material.