Find More Posts by DebugMe. FLAC more than sufficient for my lossless needs. Rich – October 25, by Richard Wilson. Find More Posts by JonnyMac. Please do not PM me for tech support.

ape 3.99 winamp

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However, I’ve hated every monkey I’ve ever seen, and this one’s no exception. Annoying, Geh, Doesn’t Work v4. Any clue as to where that plug-in can be downloaded? I dump the cue-sheet into a appe, text-edit update the path to the.

Any request for tech support through PM will be ignored.

ape 3.99 winamp

The updated Winamp plug-in is included with the Monkey’s Audio download. Originally Posted by DebugMe Winamp says: Find More Posts by DrO. Please do not PM me for tech support. Hope this review helps people with their ape files.

So guess we’re stuck with decompressing it to wav 1st. Find More Posts by JonnyMac. If you’re going to install this you’re better off getting it from their website for the newest version other wise you could get the “ecoded with newer version” error – April 10, by MrBrosco Brosco.


ape 3.99 winamp

Thanks a lot, that did it!! Prefiero un mp3 a kbps. This is Not the Last Version! Please take a minute to review the new Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Find More Posts by Koopa.

Monkey’s Audio – a fast and powerful lossless audio compressor

All the links that were posted in wijamp forum to Media monkey site are dead. Rich – October 25, by Richard Wilson. Monkeys audio – A great plug in for lossless audio play back.

Los pianos suenan mal con el monito este. Then I can dump that whole folder into Winamp for a full track listing instead of one album file.

Offizielle Deutsche Winamp Sprachdatei v5.

Winamp ape plugin 3.99 Free Download

Tiene menos artefacto ac? Monkey’s Audio is a popular lossless audio compression format.

ape 3.99 winamp

Great but new version is needed. You can rip a CD as a single. Dear Winamp fans, As you might have heard, Winamp recently changed ownership. Find More Posts by mekd. Unusable plugin and compressor. Winamp Tray Control Icon Pack v3. FLAC more than sufficient for my lossless needs. Although the help file describes this option in the Options section I do not have it actually I do not have the whole General section of Monkey’s audio Options!!


I am looking for the media-monkey ape plugin version 3. Originally Posted by DebugMe. I gave this a 5 star rating being it was perfect in it’s time.