Clean What type of game will Aaron Rodgers have on Sunday? When Marge believes she may be pregnant, Homer recounts how Bart was born. Audible Download Audio Books. Tom Haudricourt on the Brewers. Homer becomes a hero when he averts a catastrophe at the power plant, but what is perceived as his skill of being a quick thinker is actually dumb luck. Was this past weekend the best weekend in sports?

All times are GMT Clean The Brewers keep on winning! Plus we talk with Don Banks It originally aired on the Fox network in the United States on February 20, Lisa Simpson voice Hank Azaria Also LeBron vs MJ. Clean How to make the perfect grilled cheese secret is revealed Executive producer Al Jean said it is “a bit of a satire of the different Oscar acceptances where two people clearly race to the stage to get there first, and Homer and Bart are fighting to be the one that accepts.

Part Two Lisa aids police with the investigation of the Burns shooting. Clean Did the Packers make the right moves Thursday? When the family return home, they find the house in a wreck and are angry. Cobb talks Packers preseason football! dqd

Clean Time to put the pressure on in L. Clean Now what do the Brewers do? Homer recounts how Maggie’s accidental birth changed his life forever.

Homer enrolls in a nuclear physics class at Springfield University and convinces three nerdy classmates to help him pull off a prank. Burns chooses Bart as the heir to his vast fortune. We check in from Minneapolis with the voice of the Vikings Paul Allen Bart and Lisa scheme to reunite Krusty the Clown with his father, Rabbi Krustofsky, who disowned him for not carrying on the family tradition.


Homer expects a generous gift in return when he donates Bart’s blood to an ailing Mr. Homer embraces his newly discovered hippie heritage. Multiple other short film fragments further lampooned other movies including The Triplets of Belleville and Persepolis. Marge renews her interest in becoming an artist after Homer finds an old painting of Ringo Starr in the attic. Davison was awesome; Packers have to win.

Plus what’s wrong with the Packers? Homer takes the law into his own hands after Springfield is victimized by a cat burglar. Clean Business decision time in Green Bay Aaron Rodgers is back! Season 12 21 Episodes This season is available in 4: Oh and Mike Heller is live from Miam.

Views Wts Edit View history. Bart asks if Homer had gotten a replacement from the Academybut Homer confides to him that the Award is only five dollars on eBaywhile Maggie is sucking on the replacement.

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Summer could mean as dsd as June or the end of August. Links Podcast Website Report a Concern. Ricky Gervais voice Maurice LaMarche Bouvier’s hand in marriage. We take a look at CFB coaches rankings! Homer creates his own religion as a means of escaping church services on Sundays. Clean It was a rough weekend for the Brewers and Bucks.

Plus Taco Gate in Milwaukee. Clean Anthony Davis is coming to Milwaukee The Movie” garnered positive reviews from TV critics and fans alike, with the “visual gags” being highly praised. Plus Bill Huber of PackerReport. Clean Decision to play, decision to sign, te NFL remains king.


Angry Dad: The Movie

Plus we talk with Don Banks of TheAthletic. The Brewers do it! Will the Brewers make the playoffs?

So you’re expectations are different now right? Season 22 Episode What is Homer Simpson’s Funniest Quote? The Simpsons visit a theme park based on the gratuitously violent Angrt and Scratchy cartoons. What’s wtzo biggest issue facing MLB? Clean Live from Wisconsin Harley Davidson! Bart discovers a comet that is on a collision course with Springfield. Nahasapeemapetilons In an effort to annul an arranged marriage, Apu tells his mother he wed Marge.

Maggie is then seen sucking on one.

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Clean Big Cat joins the show!! Executive producer Al Jean said it is “a bit of a satire of wteo different Oscar acceptances where two people clearly race to the stage to get there first, and Homer and Bart are fighting to be the one that accepts.

Clean How many wins will the Brewers have in ? Clean Will you watch Saturday night’s Packers game? The Simpsons go to dtso awards ceremony where Bart and Lisa meet Mixar who realizes that they are the competition and tells them that they’ve got an enemy.