Lalita has been secretly writing poems to thrill her family and especially Kavita. Raviteja – Tiktok video Allari priyudu. I have recorded Aho oka manasuku karaoke song from Allari priyudu movie Chitra Garu and SP. Aho Oka Manasuku Nedu!! Aho oka manasuku nedu video Created with Sing!

allari priyudu film songs

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The rest of the story deals with whether Raja ever finds out that Lalita was the one writing the poems and letters to him. Okkasari chusarante Malli Malli chustharu. Allari priyudu songs video.

Allari Priyudu – Wikipedia

Karaoke on Smule – https: By using this site, you agree to the Terms priyudi Use and Privacy Policy. Raghavendra Rao Produced by K.

Ahoo oka manasuku nede puttinaroju song by Durgaprasad video Created with Sing! Rajasekhar Ramya Krishna Madhu Bala.

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However, Raja and Lalita get into a series of clashes without knowing they are the lovers who are writing the letters to each other. Films directed by K. Allari priudu Licensed to YouTube by: Video song sung by madhavi ramu Gary. Aho oka manasuku nede puttiina roju song by sarath and tulasi Song written for Sirivennela’s birthday to the tune of “aho oka manasuku nede puttinaroju” Allari Priyudu movie.


Allari Priyudu

Aho Oka Manasuku nede puttina roju Aho Oka manasuku Nede puttina roju song Allari priyadu movie du video. Watch Allari Priyudu movie back to back comedy scenes. Kavita Madhoo and Lalita Ramya Krishna are dearest friends. Chitra Garu and SP.

allari priyudu film songs

He writes a letter to Lalita stating how beautiful her poem was, she too falls for him after reading it. Swamy vari puttina Roju video Okkasari chusarante Malli Malli chustharu. Allari frnd video Devi- Radhika.

allari priyudu film songs

Views Read Edit View history. The film was recorded as a Super Hit at the box office.

Puttina roju video Video song sung by madhavi ramu Gary. The film was premiered at the International Film Festival of India in the mainstream section. Aho oka manasuku karaoke by Madhav video Hi Rose Rose Roja Puvva.

allari priyudu film songs

Raja mistakens Kavita to be the one writing the poems as they both fall in love. Aho oka manasuku nede puttina roju by V Venugopal and Meghsna.


K Raghavendra Rao Garu.

Archived from the original PDF on 6 October Aho oka manasuku nede puttinaroju hari video. Retrieved 5 October Aho Oka Manasuku karaoke allari priyudu video teugu karaoke track -uploaded in HD at http: Allari Priyudu Movie Sngs They both write letters to each other expressing their loving feelings.