If the level of power is too low, be sure to charge the battery with the USB lead or the car charger. Page 4 MP3 Player Your device turns on and displays the initial start up screen. Do not connect your device to your computer before ActiveSync is installed. If you encounter a problem you cannot solve, contact an authorized service center for assistance. Replace only with the same or equivalent type recommended by the manufacturer.

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You can customize the settings to suit your own personal needs. Page 6 A car auris is needed when using the device in a car. External This connector under rubber dust cover allows Antenna use of an optional external antenna with magnetic Don’t have an account? T92 the adapter cable to the bottom of your device. Pull the stylus out of its slot to use it, and store it in the slot when not in use.

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Troubleshooting Troubleshooting and Maintenance 39 Troubleshooting Tap the button on the Settings screen. Tap the left or right arrow to darken or brighten the screen. You can set a timer to automatically turn off your device when it is idle for a set period of time.


Your device drjver on and displays the initial start up screen. Replace only with the same or equivalent type recommended by the manufacturer. Tap the Volume button on the Settings screen. Please check the marking labels on your device and refer to the corresponding statements in this chapter.

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Do not disconnect your device until the battery is fully charged, the charge indicator will turn green. You can now use your new device. Enter text from picture: Tap to go to the next page.

Page 20 Airis T 3. Equalizer Open or close the equalizer panel. Screen is hard to read Make sure that the backlight of the display is on and if necessary adjust the brightness.

Change Language System Settings 6. Page 7 Getting Started Connecting the Car Charger The car charger supplies power to your device when you are using the device in a car. Depending upon the specific model purchased, the color of your de vice may not exactly match the device shown in this manual. The Power screen appears showing the remaining power of your battery. The product is intended for use solely as a navigation aid.


See the table below for details: System Settings Your device has default system settings. Page 12 Airis T starting place for various tasks. To add a song in the play list, tap the Add Song button at the bottom of the screen. To set the time, first tap the hour, minute, or second in the Time item and then tap the up arrow to increase or down arrow to decrease the value.

Repeat each time to complete the calibration process. Screen You can calibrate the touch screen if it is not responding accurately to your stylus taps. Tap the Backlight button on the Settings screen.

Screen System Settings 4.