Will you be defending them in Court next week? MP3 Deep Purple Black night. Had the snail really been accused of robbery before it left the country? The drunkard warned them that his daughter, whom he had left alone at home, would unlock the kitchen door, strike a match and set fire to the whole building. F1 4- 2- 8.

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MP3 Music Instructor – Megamix. George would be fumbling about his bedroom now if you had switched off the light.

Le Roi est mortvive le Roi DRE – Lolo intro Dr. Masquerade Act III I was sure the scissors would come in handy sooner or later, because he was a tailor and was bound to need them. Why does the chameleon boast that he is endowed with a musical ear?

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The postman had been delivering letters for a whole day when an old gentleman came to ask him why he had not received his paper yet, and the tired postman flew into a rage. Green and blue How many times did the crocodile xopilul to the sailor? Two years ago I sold the car dusmaini you wanted, and the person who bought it does not know I had promised it to you, and I understood he would never give it to you.


I wonder why the condor has not come.

Adrian Minune & Costi – Dusmani-mi poarta pica

The children will tear away when they have been allowed to go home. What was the hippopotamus thanked for? What did you say he was iki at when you went to return his money?

adrian copilul minune dusmanii imi poarta pica

The headmaster mistook the doorman for the dustman, gave him the wastepaper basket and asked him to empty it, but the doorman was so hurt by the mistake that he handed in his resignation at once.

Whom would you mistake him for if you did not know who he was? Dragomir – Hai sa dansam. Should Richard object to being called Dick, his friends would not realize the reason of his objection was that his great-grandfather had been called the same, and had lived to be a hundred and five.

Whom has the seal been laughing at for the last half hour? Mafia – Doua Dube B. Muriel would have enjoyed herself a lot if she had slid all day downhill on a toboggan.

adrian copilul minune dusmanii imi poarta pica

Do you know the plumber who has mended our bathtub? The wagtail has been menaced it will be shot at if it ever comes here again. Whoever has new boots repaired must be crazy. He was wondering why I had not understood the lesson.


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I did not know he was at the end of his tether when he asked for my help, so I said I should not lend him money, because I was sure he would never return it. Ruth has just found out what languages the Bible had been translated into. Bernard would race you to the stationery if you wanted to buy pen and paper to write letters to your picaa.

What did you imagine he was thinking of when he asked you if you would come back, and he added that he wanted to see you again?

I think he is reading, because I know he reads every evening at this time, and I do not want to disturb him till he finishes the page and calls me. The Japanese will go sightseeing when he reaches London.

Adrian Minune & Costi – Dusmani-mi poarta pica

The Conditional Past 43 II. The magpie was positive it had been cheated, but it did not want to reveal the fact before midnight. Earthquake transition 1