The Capture Area section allows you to specify a region on computer screen to capture. However, if your project uses multiple types of resources in equal proportions, launch a different project type for each type of resource. You can also create your own capture profiles to use in your authoring process. To update an existing version of ActivePresenter, just download the latest version of the executable and run it by double-clicking on it. Covers changes in the software and the manual itself.

activepresenter 3.7

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Will the user interact with you? User actigepresenter use mouse or keyboard to interact with interactive objects on each slide. You can do the following: In this section, identify the slides where you want this mass destruction to happen.

You are going to use the Slides pane of both project.

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Cost effective Create engaging interactive screencasts, software demos and SCORM-compatible training courses with less time and effort. While in Windows XP, they are dependent so there is only one audio object in recorded project. Section The Start Capture button is a big button with the red color. All this is done in the edit phase of the project.

ActivePresenter User Manual v4.0.0

In this context, this manual is meant for the direct users of ActivePresenter i. If the Volume slider displays the signal activepdesenter red color, you should reduce the input volume value, otherwise the audio quality will be low because the signal is clipped.


Name Accessibility name of the slide.

The new slides from this instant PowerPoint project are inserted after the current slide. Include Cursor Whether to render the cursor paths or not. You have the option to insert annotations aftivepresenter two stages: Practice Mode This mode is similar to Tutorial mode except it has options to create and send report about user result to specified Email or HTTP address.

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Therefore you must begin with a careful planning of what is expected out of it. Pros Supports various output formats Gives you access to multiple recording and editing options Provides you with quality output files Comes with plenty of sample data. Note that your preparations so far have nothing to do with ActivePresenter or any other tools! Will you need a background for your slides? Note a special case: This is achieved by moving the objects around in the canvas and placing them exactly where you want.

The center of all objects will get aligned with the center of the reference object. Properties of the project, such as size of the canvas, total number of slides and the total run time for the presentation, the size of the project file, the date on which the project was created and last modified.

We will see how to launch each type of project in the following sections. Remember also that if you are recording in multiple sessions, you will have to set up the sound level for each session.


activepresenter 3.7

To use it in another project, you will have to insert the resource again from disk. This pops up another window: Due care is taken to use original material in this manual.

activepresenter 3.7

List of drag sources that can be dropped onto the selected drop target. If this toolbar is placed inside the capture area, it is also captured, so please be careful when placing this toolbar on screen. Work with the target application as usual.

Active Presenter

Demo The best way to learn any product is to watch as someone is actually using it. Shrinking A Project Often a project has many unused resources, including some new resources that you create during the course of the project.

If you don’t want screen readers to read anything, leave both accessibility name and description blank. The activepreaenter slide has index 1, the second slide has index 2, etc This profile uses a lossless Flash Screen Video codec to record the movie so it has following advantages activepressenter disadvantages: