The Acceleo community is gathered around the Acceleo part of the website of the Eclipse Foundation. Integrated in Eclipse Acceleo is deeply integrated in the Eclipse IDE with a full fledged editor with syntax highlighting, real time error detection, quick fixes, refactoring and much more. The service removeAll has been replaced by “sub” in order to have access to the operator “-” between to sets. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Acceleo. Few weeks later, Acceleo 1. Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled.


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Acceleo Developer s Eclipse Foundation Stable release 3. Testing an Acceleo generator Like any project, a code generator evolves and to make sure that regression are detected accfleo is recommended to maintain along with the generator a test project with a non regression model.

We will work with a model instance from the following metamodel: It is recommended to minimize the use of Zcceleo primitive as input parameter or output of Java services.

Lower cannot be greater than upper. Acceleo contains a code generation modules editor with syntax highlighting, completion, real time error detection and refactoring. Indicates if the evaluation of the given lambda gives a different value for all elements of the given collection. Obeo Traceability can handle some modifications of the generated code but a massive change of the generated code like acceloe use of a formatter on the generated code would create massive gaps between the traceability information and the code.



Casting in AQL is useless, since AQL is very understandable when it acveleo to types, it will always tries its best to evaluate your expression. Select returns a filtered version of the specified sequence. The Acceleo project is born in with the website Acceleo. With its template based approach, Acceleo can generate code for any kind of languages.

Acceleo Best Practices – Obeo

Possibility to export a generator as a stand-alone module or as a RCP application. The module defined in this example is parameterized to generate Java but the MOFM2T standard is independent of the generated code. Only elements for which the given “lambda” evaluates to true will be present in the returned sequence.

A variant of eContainer. The first one I will call it the “original” instance is the one where your metamodel project is. Using AQL, accleo will now have to write either collect m m. Managing user code One of the key best practices in code generation is to generate code as if you would write it aceleo. Returns a sequence containing accwleo elements of the original sequence ordered by the result of the given lamba.

Among those operations, you can find “eAllContents “, “eAllContents OclType ” which are both iterating on the whole subtree of the current model element and “eInverse ” which needs to initialize a cross referencer on the whole model the first time it is used.


Acceleo generates a Java class to launch the generation programmatically thus allowing the integration of an Acceleo generator in any Java application.

Generate anything from any EMF model

Returns the same object if it is already a set. Metrics An Acceleo module should follow the same conventions regarding its metric as a Java class.

Wikimedia Commons has media related to Acceleo. The lower parameter should be contained between 1 and self.

This non regression model should contain all the type of model elements that are being handled by the generator. Returns the extension of the file referred to by the given URI. Active 2 years ago. This will fetch the value of the feature named “featureName” on “source”. Thanks to the simple module and this input model, Acceleo can generate the former code.


Language improvements, XML compatibility, export of generators as Eclipse plugin. This method is long but it’s also the easiest. Parameters of templates an queries The use of templates or acceldo without any parameters is also not recommended. Organization of the packages Every Acceleo project should contain several key packages.


That was created from an ATL transformation. Acceleo changed its licence with the release of Acceleo 1.