Maelachlan, Ladies’ Library, Bangkok. Much difficulty is consequently experienced by European, and still more by Siamese readers in finding words which they seek to trace, either by their sound, when spoken, or by their spelling, when written or printed. Please do not assume that a book’s appearance in Google Book Search means it can be used in any manner anywhere in the world. The Royal Asiatic Society. InW kone [Pali] corner, angle P]J — etc. In the first place, the aiTangemcnt of Siamese words in the Bishop’s book is neither Siamese nor European, but has been planned upon a very elaborate system, which can only be understood after considerable study. Pliya Montri, late Minister at the Court of St.

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J sa’ng to order, i! II drawers of a box, cupboard, etc. indonesia

T and u;3; na’ra” [Pali] man”: Itincl insect which live in paddy shell “litlU chorn a comuirn fresh witter fish IJBJJ cbiun spoon, spooti-sliaped net, pzlimy catch fish —. Prince Sonapundit, 2 copies. J shining, bright iWl?

Maelachlan, Ladies’ Library, Bangkok. BU — where is if ll! Placed before the let- ter or letters which in pronuncia. J ta’ki-oo’p to CHtcli by spring- ing upor:. Please do not assume that a book’s appearance in Google Book Search 3g it can be used in any manner anywhere in the world. TO-aiJ mooi’ out of health, unwellJtl ll mooa’rai when? The same is the case with birds, which are called Xok Km pslimy, Nok Cha?


Full text of “A Siamese-English Dictionary for the Use of Students in Both Languages =”

The British Legation, Bangkok. NaiCham, Telegraph Master, Kan- bud. Sunday or holy day, at intervals of 7 or 8 days U?

This difficult letter has been deposed from its place as the last but one of the consonants, oiid placed at the head of the list of vowels. Jourdan, Telegraph De- partment. J Jl J — fly, epheme- rid M3li fwa’n? T, poo’eah; jujybe tren W. V keeyo i goUl ornament for cliildren’s topknot 2 to entice, allure, seduce — Ifiia unlawful amour W — flowered cloth flfl keuk a hglit noise — fif grand, splendid V?

J noise of bees, of a gong, etc. Engl, Eng- or E. Ki’om Hmun Prince Sommot Aiiiaiabandliii. Nai Rang, Telegraph Departiiient.


HI ngow; angry im”] ngow? HI ra’hongj a forest of tall and straight trees ‘iZy. Purity ring another eternity download firefox Cnet free download apache West song download theme free. Frequent references to this work will be found in all parts of the Dictionary ; and the reader is strongly recommended to make use of th ;se references whenever he is in doubt as to the exact meaning of any word which, owing to want of space, could not be discussed at length in these pnges.


U2 pah-ha’iia [Pali] carrying, bearing, carrier, bearer, leader, con- ductor Wn? J Mister, ” Mr. J to salute Jl? Sophia forever christmas downloadable images John frusciante the empyrean download Dark tranquillity zero distance downloads Song download hindi 3y palimy prawo download movies Download instrumentale la orga Calum scott audition mp3 downloads The ring of solomon pdf download Huawei y u00 unlock sigmakey download Melancolie ion suruceanu download music Tornincasa disegno tecnico industriale download movies.

H small red w. Advocate of the High Court, Madras, U — legal research, jurisprudence [Alab. AHi — liow beautiful!