Does that guy have photographic memory or something? I like the show so far. Which often means that the main character catches a cold. I’m filled with anticipation for the next episode; I’ll have to go take a look at my April edition of Newtype to see when it will air. Johnny Rayflo and…How I feel on mornings. I think it was the whole space pirates thing- Outlaw Star!! Now that I really think about it… I was pretty much destined for some really out-of-this-world shit.

They also release very fast. One time, I watched it from the beginning to end. Page of First And I was like… Really? I honestly don’t know what expectations I had for the anime. You saw the title! Charles Chrishunds This is who the caption says he is.

But I went back to the article, because I tend to get batshit-obsessed with things until I completely figure them out. I had to leave halfway through the movie, though, so I didn’t watch all of it.

I saw previews of its sequel and how pretty and action-packed it looked and decided to watch this first. My reaction to it: What if it is really cool and the main guy solves awesome puzzles- like Detective Conan, but with better character designs? I was sure it was going to be just as raunchy as the lesbian scene. In 3rd, 4th, or 5th grade- all three? They give me feelings similar to reading dystopian novels.

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Turkey Blondie is the master of the house and demands obedience. Watched it and laughed.

I mean, here, it could still be fanservice. For some reason, it reminded me of Outlaw Star Now, it looks very wrinkled and ugly, but I still want to watch it because the whole dubiously bad or grey characters always tickle me bits. Turns out, some nun issued this as a private mission in order to trade Johnny for a little lady in a tank.


She seems to be dating one of them, but it seems as if she has had close time with the others.

Zetsuen no Tempest – Episode 11 –

First of all, they introduced yet another character!! The fuk, I just realised where Haganai comes from. Tuesday, August 21, Tari Tari. Last Jump to page: It makes his character boring and very not like Junichiro at all.

Meanwhile, Samon confirms Yoshino’s suspicion that there is a way for Hakaze to be rescued by having the rest of her body leave her skeleton behind in the island and fuse herself with the skeleton currently in their possession.

Golden Wind Episode It was made up of about five or six scenes, and the second scene- about 32 minutes in, maybe- was a lesbian scene. I thought it would be one of those plots with a bunch of girls in distress.

I haven’t read the manga or watched the series. Could not believe how stupid it sounded. However, I was quite pleased to see that there are male characters that play some kind of role, and I animeushigi even more surprised when badminton became part of the story.

This guy with flames burns bad guys. Yozora was a BOSS this episode. Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Girls: She’s much more assertive and confident in herself. L-Brah must be loving dat loli. Love is War — Episode 7. This guy has the power epiwode give super-samurai-power to these females, one of which is some weird falling-from-heaven puppy nearly literally blob. I actually started with the rough stuff around middle school.

Of course, all of this is targeted towards females, because Japanese females like that stuff- and so do a lot of other females, of course. Enough with the Hakaze x Samon tejpest Yoshino x Mahiro scenes tempesr let us switch to Junichiro — who obviously a big fan of boobs. I’m not sure if there’s going to be an actual plot later on, or if it’s just going to be an every-episode-has-a-different-story type of anime, like Lucky Star.


Really, for Junichiro who animefusyigi considered to be a master in the Kusaribe Clan and appreciated by a lot of the members including Hakaze, for such a reason to exists in his mind was something unexpected to me. I have a feeling its because he’s very unconfident and unable to believe that anyone may possibly like or even love him. BwT – episode My, what zdtsuen she stayed like Taylor Swift. Tickle Me Bits Share me! I’m probably wasting 5 minutes each episode just trying to skip the annoying stuff.

A tragic death, a mind-bending mystery—this work is without-a-doubt the epitome of Shakespear-related anime.

Zetsuen no Tempest Episode 11: The Mage of Exodus

Where you insert Spoiler Content Eg: Synopsis Junichirou confronts Natsumura to protect Evangeline as the rest of the army falls down by the Iron Sickness. Adding them all at once was a major pain in the episodr, so now, at 4: But it has some bishounen popping up, so maybe there would be some more females and things would be totally awesome cool, yea? I loved episode 12 so much that I ended up downloading it just so that I could watch it over and over again without having to wait for the video to buffer on an anime watching site.

Anyway, as for demographics, I posted a few times talking about some stories this week, and the number of views to my wordpress jumped, clicks coming from mainly my yahoo profile.