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I’m such an idiot. I’m at work right now, but that doesn’t mean I won’t dig a little deeper. Soulja Boy’s newest single Stehpen Curry. Going to go with Mace. KdylanR92 Member Mar 11, Jun 17, 44, 0 0.

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sibtitles D roc had that 3 in the bathroom with him. Kanye West is a pretty awful rapper, still don’t get why he’s so worshiped on here. I’d argue that rappers like Future and Young Thug are actually great at what they set out to do. Patapwn Member Mar 11, This can include videos of stand up comedy or comedy sketches.

Oct 5, 51, 0 0. Soulja Boy’s newest single Stehpen Curry.

Who is the worst rapper!!!

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OH, and Chief Keef. I remember the Jackass episode and guys like Chris Pontious just showed off the van yxng was living in. The most hilariously obvious was the Ying Yang Twins’ episode, where they didn’t even redecorate the house from the cheesy open house staging. Gucci Mane is pretty terrible, even though I like some Trap Rap.

MTV Cribs is a program broadcast by MTV, reality show format, that consisting of a visit to the homes and mansions of celebrities. Andrew Korenchkin Member Mar 14, Unless it’s in her hand, which it’s the greatest thing ever. Put that shit in the trash can. I’m ashamed that it never even occurred to me that the Ying Yang Twins episode was staged.

Redman’s legendary episode of MTV Cribs : hiphopheads

I wonder if he still lives here. They almost ran me outta the house for that one. Theyre crusty as fuck now and the old lady hates me, but its best for cleanup. Find More Posts by MSchu. Dec 5, 8, 0 0 Atlanta, GA. Additionally, comments deemed overtly racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, etc. Originally Posted by whoDAT. Gonna rewatch How High tonight.

IlluminatedWax’s original description for this subreddit can be found here. Saving that water bill dawg. Haha I was looking for this.

Take a look inside DJ Khaled’s sbtitles crib. Sep 18, 1, 0 0. As I recall the Ying Yang twins had a pretty fucking absurd episode themselves. Mar 20, 7, 0 0. Discotheque Banned Mar 14, QuantumZebra Member Mar 11, Threads made to speculate about cryptic social media posts or website updates are also not allowed.


Subscribe to MTV for more great videos! Dec 12, 3, 1, I’ve always disliked LMNO. I think you’re on the right track tho.

You clicked looking to make subtigles itunes purchases don’t lie. The following errors occurred with your submission. Send a private message to someone else. I’m not that good of a rapper.

So you know there were some others that really didn’t have a mansion. I’d guess the combined IQ of those two is less than Aug 9, 9, 0 Feb 13, 6, 1 0 Taiwan.

Ying Yang Twins on MTV Cribs, translated to English subtitles : humor

Sky Saw Banned Mar 11, Then it’s mysteriously gone in the next frame. Memes, Facebook, Tumblr, or Twitter. Red Man Nasty Ass Crib He upgraded, and if I remember correctly he still had the Van lol.