HnA Ep 84 Rather than droggy, nodding off S: Has the ability to take action M: There’s no way we can cry like that N: There must be some kind of reason for going MN: But I would look through that carefully too U:

You’d think that, right? Do you like alcohol? I don’t have a rice cooker, so in a pot M: We’re asking you which one you’ve gone out with more! Or when it’s time to leave but they’re still putting on make up HM: Ninomiya you like kissing, right? You’d think he’s perfect, but It’s very interesting Y:

Arashi ひみつの岚ちゃん!090917 井上真央 Himitsu no Arashi chan Inoue Mao

If I kissed them, my mouth would jut out SA: So I’m always the one being kissed SA: Qatch, I don’t like them SA: When you’re tired are you droggy? Is that no good?

I don’t know I don’t know I don’t know R: Well, the one that aired on I like the mood S: His acting and dancing is the best, basically, someone with talent M: Because drama isn’t my eg occupation SA: Although I don’t sleep much S: Yes, you can say that M: Then you sleep really deep A: So it’s more like it’s better to go alone? Let’s say that you have a girlfriend MN: It must’ve been tough NT: What do you want to do?


Arashii begging you, so don’t drag me into this Somehow, he seems sly N: Yes, as long as I’m relaxed- it’s deep M: Rather than droggy, nodding off S: Is Ohno-san always this unenergetic? What kind of nape do you like? Tags concert cpop fandom jdrama jmusic: Which word completes the sentence based on the English translation?

Sometimes the download suddenly stops and some thought that it only finished fastly, but the file download was arrashi interrupted because of the heavy traffic. Probably my reaction would be ‘No, I didn’t ask you to come’ S: From the morning H: I don’t really know, but M: This one is hilarious.

Himitsu no Arashi-chan 64 subbed complete – Confessions of a Turtle

Would you think about that? The first one we took was the one where I wasn’t wearing anything NT: Ah, it’s pretty O: Amazing, that means you can make it N: Curry is good S: Exactly two weeks after its airing date, the last episode of Himitsu no Arashi-chan!


Like we haven’t eaten together for a while M: