And to top it off, Gary F’ng Busey! The last one they did in when RV and Dungey were at each others throats all summer was pretty good. Excaliburbmx Excaliburbmx https: Vital MX – Motocross. Vital MX Pit Bits: I paint my nails for armpump and go swimming with a super hot hunk, afterwards I am able to ride twice as fast as before. I no longer regret my username. If i want to see a good moto movie I pop in The Great a Escape and wait for the 5 mins of Bud Ekins doing his best Steve Mcqueen imitation on the ib Triumph or whatever that beast was that he was flipping around through the hillsides.

Summertime Killer around ’74 Karl Malden. It’s the only one I’ve never seen. The “Children of a metal god” trilogy was so awesome, probably my most watched movies ever. Hi all, I travel abroad next week which will include a shitload of flying and bussing about Europe. I can’t even find a decent torrent. How can you go wrong?

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From the Other Side by Rob Mitchell. Worst part of Supercross was having revenge of nerds guy playing a hardcore boss. Have a good trip!! Summertime Killer around ’74 Karl Malden. If not I will get ordering and wait for it to arrive.

I’m disappointed in y’all. Grizz Grizz https: Good, Bad, ‘n Ugly: Excaliburbmx Excaliburbmx https: Vital MX – Motocross. Rupert X Rupert X https: Couldn’t get enough of it. Well, at least it had Maico’s. Some of these posts are like reading closed caption on the cartoon channel Ramrod Ramrod https: There are two kinds of people against dirt bikes, those who never tried and those who weren’t good at them.


Not crappy bikes or times at all. I’m guessing that- there are, collectively, a few dozen VITALMX readers that work in the movie business and, they know, – we want a picture made that is true motocros our sport.

Vital MX Pit Bits: Spagina Spagina https: I lost it and try to re order it and they told me they are not making it any more. The first McGrath segment gives me goosebumps to this day. RandyS RandyS https: Hi all, I travel abroad next week which will include a shitload of flying and bussing about Europe. All I could think about was Revenge of the Nerds. If at first you don’t succeed, then maybe you just suck.

MudPup MudPup https: Time to ride 1 and 2. On any Sunday is epic.

I enjoyed this one ok long time agothe dirt bike kid. Ex Pro BMX rider. Anyone who has been riding since the early 70s that doesn’t say On Any Sunday, those riding since motorcoss 80s or 90s that don’t On Any Sunday or the Terrafirma series, or those more recent that don’t say the TGO series are not paying attention.


Motoxdoc Motoxdoc https: MXMatti- Road is an epic movie. PrastranaMCKnighter Too name few Shows you how behind mx was with vhs tapes still gto ’02 lol I have ALL of them! Mine is The destroyers. Barrett57 Barrett57 https: These two are both really good. On Any Sunday 2: Lover of all 2 wheeled machines.

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Winners take All was my favorite movie growing up!!! MotoX85 MotoX85 https: Dust to glory can be ran on repeat for 24 hours easy. motoxross

TommyLee93 TommyLee93 https: Steel roots, revelation Those Dunlop boys are insane. Barrett57 Barrett57 https: I no longer regret my username.

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Said something along the lines that there will never be anyone better than him because he is the best ever and will be until this sport dies. You can’t beat 80s movies. I watch it on YouTube sometimes still. Motocrossed was a great movie.

Does anyone remember which one it was that Ryno was talking about RC?