Artist Erwin Madrid’s stunning illustrations bring the story to life, showing heaven to be a place where everyone is happy, the animals all get along, and God’s glory is more amazing than anything Joey had ever seen in his whole life. Spark Story Bible Adventures: The network is also livestreamed on both its own and TBN’s website. Now a captive in Egypt, Joseph experiences humiliation, hardship, and imprisonment. Paradise Parables Collection 1 Special Program From the award winning studio that brought you Tomorrow’s Hollow comes a Christian Cartoon Collection unlike anything you have ever seen before. These birds are an unlikely group of friends, and though they have their differences, they have one thing in common:

Programs in bold indicate that the program also airs Saturdays on TBN as part of their “Smile” children’s block. The Augustine Story Special Program Introduce children to the story of Augustine, who rejected fame and fortune to become a voice for truth. No Ordinary Shepherd Special Program As the sun beams brightly on the hills surrounding Palestine, one young shepherd boy thoughtfully considers the significance of the day. The program sets Joseph’s story in the context of God’s plan for Israel and the promised coming of the Messiah. Benji knows that Easter is more than just colored eggs and cute rabbits, but what should he draw? Davey and Goliath Regular Program Davey and Goliath is for all children and teaches children about important life skills based on positive and practical Bible principles. Smile of a Child TV. A Christmas Snow Special Program A woman refuses to celebrate Christmas, because of her father abandoning his family during the holiday.

When the flock decides to take matters into their own wings, Iesodo shows them that treating those who are mean to us with kindness makes a big difference, and everyone is capable of changing.

Twas the Night Before Easter Special Program Do-gooder Marlee Meade wants to present an Easter play stocked with Crisper County’s finest thespians and a foot bunny, but in this tale of backstage intrigue, Marlee plans to steal a star from another engagement and cast her in her own pageant. Benny Gopher wants to be a movie star, so he packs up his family, leaves his farm and tries to make it in showbiz.

For the film, see The Smile of a Child. Special Program Junior Asparagus is in trouble — he broke his dad’s favorite bowling plate and instead of coming clean with the truth, he’s convinced by a little blue Fib from outer space to make up a story. May God richly bless you. Please send me a membership card. Believe Special Program The Gathering: God’s Zoo with the Homecoming Kids Special Program When the children of the Homecoming Friends take a trip through God’s Zoo, they find out that there are good reasons for the zookeeper’s rules.


He learns that a Father’s love never fails. Watch the march of the penguins in the Arctic, a spectacular safari to Africa, or an amazing visit to the Australian Outback. This is a Smile of a Child short feature! When Julia, a lonely foster child, discovers an injured rabbit on Christmas Eve, she forms an unlikely friendship with an eccentric old farmwoman Florence Henderson who vows to nurse the bunny back to health.

Nanna’s Cottage Regular Program World traveler and archaeologist Abigale “Nanna” Macaroon dispenses love and knowledge to her grandchildren and their friends about the world, and the importance of character, in Nanna’s Cottage. Join Duncan, his twin sister Amy and their favorite cousin Truman as they learn about kindness, caring, sharing, faith and prayer. Special Program Tommy, Bobby and Queenie are three quails whose sole aim in life is to find a decent breakfast – that is until the day they overhear an angel telling Mary she’s going to give birth to the Son of God.

Smile (TV network)

Are whales considered fish? The Lion of Judah Special Program Little Buds Odg Program Little Buds introduces early educational concepts alongside foundations of faith with captivating new music, relatable real world images, and fun characters.

God bless you in Jesus. Spunky’s First Chirstmas Special Program Lovable puppies, a family Christmas and a big city full of excitement all add up to an adventure that every child should experience.

This short tale will impart important lessons and values to all who view it. Silly Little Thing Called Love Special Program A trio of stories provides positive examples of three kinds of love — for your eatch, for your family and for God — in this edition of the Christian-based series.

One shop, however, doesn’t have any Christmas decorations on the outside – and no Christmas spirit on the inside!

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Jacob’s Gift Special Program This holiday-themed religious program focuses on a young boy named Jacob. And it does all that in three languages at once! Christopher the Christmas Tree Smileofachlldtv Program A tree-mendous musical story that captures the true meaning of Christmas. I shank take up any more of your time.


Smile of A Child TV

Next thing you know, their story is circulating through Bumblyburg like, well, a fast-growing weed. From the burning bush to the crossing of the Red Sea, God calls Moses to lead the way to freedom. Auto-B-Good Regular Program Auto-B-Good is a five-time Emmy Award winning character wmileofachildtv series featuring nine animated vehicles, each with his or her own personality.

In the process, Julia’s own heart is healed and she forges a bond with her smoleofachildtv family that makes smileofachilvtv holidays one she and you will never forget.

Dooley and Pals Regular Program The Dooley and Pals Show is a unique children’s show built on the concept of education through entertainment and discovery. However, when he meets a troubled year-old who feels equally lost, redemption no longer seems so far away.

At Jesus’ Side Special Program An imaginative story which has a dog named Jericho and other animals involved in bits and pieces of Jesus’ life before the crucifixion and briefly following the resurrection. When he vandalizes the local church to get back smoleofachildtv his parents, Matthew has to repair the damage to the church to avoid criminal charges.

All things smileofwchildtv possible if you When his spoiled daughter rejects their new horse, Amanda proves that Misty is a true champion and restores her own happiness in the process.

Cherub Wings Regular Program Cherub Wings educates and informs children of all ages, by teaching practical living skills with important values through Bible stores and songs that children love.

Well, the story gets bigger and so does the Fib, threatening to take over everything! Grace wins, is publicly humiliated, and Skylar rigs it so that Cara takes the blame.

Retrieved June 5, While it now has a reduced presence on broadcast television, Smile continues to maintain a hour-day schedule, with all programming not shown over-the-air remaining available via live stream on TBN’s website, and mobile and digital media players as well as on select cable and smileofachkldtv providers that carry the TBN multicast networks, as was the case before the over-the-air consolidation of the two networks.