Anyway, it’s been a great show to watch and to read recaps , and I’d not have started either if it weren’t for you, HeadsNo2, so thank you. I always look for your recaps first thing before I watch the episodes. Episodes by odilettante. He knows she intends to kill him, and fights her every step of the way. I think the Mo Gabi plot line would have worked better as a smaller arc, like the drug mix-up. How did it all happen?

Kang Kyung Joon Supporting Cast. So instead he tells her to harden her heart and prepare — they have to root out the corruption within Chun Ha from the source. I’ve grown quite fond of Miss potty mouth, you see. Song Min Hyung Supporting Cast. This episode really had me on the edge of my seat. He chose to continue his wrong ways because of that. Love the last epilogue. How thankful can I be for such a funny, off-the-wall drama, without a single wimpy heroine alhtough there was one in distress?

History of Salaryman Chohanji Episode 19 synopsis

Thank you HeadsNo2 for recapping this wonderful series. Anyway, it’s been a great show to watch and to read recapsand I’d not have started either if it weren’t for you, HeadsNo2, so thank you. Forever one of my favorites. Loved this drama, loved every minute of it! I wonder if one of the gals is up to it? I Think I can see this one coming.

History of Salaryman 1-22 (Final)

I think with an ego as big as his, he just do not think that Gabi would go to this level. I don’t know if you remember bang speaking with the strategic team post lab-fire or his confrontation with hang zinopsis later on.


They were silly through their own idiosyncrasies yet they were imbued with feelings that suffuse through our souls too. My dislike for Hang-Woo has lessened due to this conversation, because of the comparisons you made of his journey and Mo Gabi’s.

I love Bang and Yeochi, who are going to be missed dearly. Maybe he’d forgotten all about her, but since we didn’t see him 1 about epixode later, that seems unlikely. Other than that, great episode! Meta [Happily never sinkpsis Maybe From her office, Gabi watches Yeo-chi searching with a pleased expression. Epislde was clear that YB didn’t know that WH was there until he heard her muffled cry, so it wasn’t like HW could have just assumed that YB would save her.

It looks like he really is staying eternally youthful, thanks to Eternal Youth. We watched the final episode few minutes after dramaok finished to translate it. She feigns innocence even when she finds out that her minion has been taken into custody. I am truly glad that I was able to interpret Hang-Woo a little more deeply for you. I hope that Chairman Jin doesn’t die, though I have a feeling they might kill off his character, because it’s so refreshing to watch his senes with Yeo-chi and Bang that I can’t bear for it to end.

Without your points I would have never come up with the LoftheR reference, which if anything at elisode gave me a laugh. Jun Jae Hyung Supporting Cast. If Chun Ha is an elephant, Paeng Seong is a biscuit. I loved this drama, it contained so many themes and brimmed over with larger than life characters that could actually be your neighbours.


I was also a big fan of Hang Woo and am sad that we didn’t get to see a resolution for sinopsls and Woo Hee. He always allows his pride and vanity to come into play.

Yes, but this is my point. What a wonderful ending for both couple. Now that History of the Salaryman is over, I would like to give three big thank you.

But Kudos to Salary Man. As much as I’d like to think that he wouldn’t go that far, his past behavior suggests that he’d sinlpsis welcome the opportunity to exact that kind of revenge on Shin. The most hilarious part? It seemed slightly episdoe of character and a bit extreme, especially considering how she once had tears in her eyes when listening to Gramps and YC.

So sad that there are only 2 eps left.

Love the drinking game. All along, he’s been utterly callous in his quest for revenge.

SINOPSIS Drama Korea Salaryman Cho Hanji Lengkap Episode 1- 22 Terakhir

Episode 6 by Helcat. Luckily the funny epilogue really ease a little pain. Episode 6 by Helcat. Corpse retrieval is unlikely. Mari February 15, at 7: Talk about vicious fight! Mostly, I was happy to like Woo-hee again.