Welp, I guess we’ll just forget about it. She will grow old but he will stay young, outlive her, and move on anyways? Ha-baek stares at So-ah, moved to silence, as Joo-dong hands her the tablet and begins the ceremony. Adalah Na Doo-rim yang memiliki kemiripan dengan Yi-kyung yang diminta bersandiwara dan untuk menggantikan posisi Yi-Kyung. Or will he have one in the far future, after So Ah dies and he goes back to the Water Kingdom? And Im Joo-hwan gave his usual strong performance as Hu-ye, whose deep longing for acceptance and love were so well-realized that I would happily watch a whole drama centered on his quest to find his place in the universe. I will have to be contented with the cute.

Namun Kang-joo dan calon pengantinnya Yi-Kyung memiliki rencana untuk mengatasi rumor kutukan itu. If we had known all of it happened almost 13 years ago we could have figured it out 5 episodes ago. We fade in to some time later, and SoAh is just going through her regular life, we see that a couple of the gods are keeping a lookout on her, making sure she is safe even though she doesn’t remember anything. Yeah, I would loved to see a drama just with Ja-Ya and Secretary Min as the second lead couple, with Mura and Bi-ryum as the first lead couple. He’ll still have to miss her forever after! There are a lots of twist and turn but it didn’t developed, they should even continue it because it would be an epic story. I should stop taking this drama seriously. Good job, I enjoyed the show.

We fade in to some time later, and SoAh is just going through her regular life, sinopsus see that a couple of the gods are keeping a lookout on her, making sure she is safe even though she doesn’t remember anything.

Oof, what a thing to find out – that her dad had actually died epixode to save her, and she’d spent all those years resenting him for not coming back.


Gwidiot August 23, at 7: Tell me if I’m wrong? Couldnt SoAh just promise him that she would not jump into the water and kill herself again?

Sadly, I think I built up too much in my head that the finale seemed flat. So I kept waiting for it to get better, but it didn’t.

Sinopsis Drama Bride of The Century Episode 1-16 (Tamat)

Decomposition aside, I don’t think bodies remain undiscovered for years in such clear water. As they exit the water, Habaek starts to disappear.

But why did SoAh needed Habaek’s powers when even he couldn’t get SoAh’s father’s body out when he tried? OH I would love that script I rhe a new likeable actress in Shin Se-kyung. Speechless, Ha-baek can only stare at her in wonder.

For he is the only one who really suffered and went through so many trouble and difficulties!!! The drama did have some good ideas, brride scenes were pretty nice and it looked gorgeous, but overall, I’m disappointed. NJH seems too young to be Habaek. We’ll continue to search a better partner then Well, that was actually a lot better than I expected. It was all the more accentuated by the things that were done well.

The drama in which almost nothing happened.

Do Re Mi Fa Sol La Si Do: Sinopsis High Society Korean Drama END

He is the king of goodness sake I’d been hoping for something tangy with a kick. I don’t get it why, I love this series but I am not satisfied with all of my wondering, they didn’t answered our why’s! Give me more of this!

Love for the win!? But if they going to modernize it, then do it right!! Ha-baek holds her back, begging her not to do this as she fights and screams. I thought about that too. But in this show So long, and thanks for all the fish! She takes his hand, his body rises easily at her touch. Overall, I would say the plot is still confusing with many questions not answered.


When the High Priest appeared to say that even though Habaek had given his powers to So-ah, he would be able to return and wouldn’t die, it was just too predictable for me. Unfortunately, LSH is in the army already. He was amazing in Weight lifting fairy and he had alot brride emotions portrayed and he talked more I just loved him that show. A normal lifetime was her perfect. Habaek is cute and likeable – I like how he stayed the same yet really not zinopsis same with his love for Soha.

So-ah meets him under the light, and he fusses at her for staying out too late like he always does. To me they went sinospis in on romance over story whereas Arang took almost half the drama to build the story before the romance really kicks in.

Wow, I would never have considered that possibility. Jika terdapat link drama yang tidak bisa dibuka mohon beritahu kami. And ok he kisses well – that’s always a plus! And the ending is open ended enough that we don’t actually know if he comes back, like maybe it was just a cenhury who wanted her to remember him, or maybe she wished him alive with tablet.