He is a classic example of village talent for whom the doors of opportunity were opened by the Central College system founded by Kannangara. List of Pakistani actresses – Wikipedia en. Apart from the original cast of Sinhabahu some members of the original cast of Maname staged fifty five years ago, were also there. Even in he was not new to the drama field. Reference should be made at this point to the second production of Sinhabahu which Sarchcandra did in Peradeniya a couple of years before he left Peradeniya and shifted to Colombo. When the mother and the sisters were singing, he joined playing the piano. Making a general statement, he says Dr. One should note also that it was Sarchchandra with his superb ear for dramatic music who directed Bandara and Jayantha in these achievements.

On this day, the current production of Sinhabahu was staged with the third or fourth generation of actors some of whom are professionals in the field of theatre and tele-drama. But, at the last point the father gets irritated and thinks dennemi danduvam olamolakamata I will punish him for his insolence. The Sinhabahu tale is rich material for a work of literary art, such as, a play or a poem. One interesting piece was by the present Vice Chancellor, Prof. In the audience were almost all living actors and actresses of the original production, all of whom were undergraduates at the time. First, let us take a look at the source material. All those courageous young men who confronted the lion in expectation of a reward suffered death at the claws of the lion. It is a fine collection of articles which have been written after Dr Sarachchandra’s demise in August

Sinhabahu and Sarachchandra’s achievement – I

He was father of Vijaya of Sri Lanka and king of Drana. Colourful publicity posters for the ‘Maname’ show are up on the walls in the city. But drama is more than just literary art; it is representational art as well, in the sense that the events that constitute the play are acted out on a stage for us to see.

So he shot his arrows at the approaching lion. Some see a Freudian, ritualistic element where in his description of totem and taboo, the son kills the father to assert the right over the clan. Retrieved from ” https: Most strongly felt in that art of communal enjoyment and appreciation was the theatre.


Speaking of the first performance of Sinhabahu, fifty years ago, we learnt some secrets of that day only on the twenty third when some of the actors started reminiscing of that night. All those courageous young men who confronted ainhabahu lion in expectation of a reward suffered death at the claws of the lion.

Thereupon, she revealed the story of her past. Pointing out that each of the interpretations is valid, Ranaweera says that these do not gull the search for other interpretations.

In the programme note of the day Sarachchandra sated that he and the cast had decided to fupl the very first show at Peradeniya because they had faith in the discerning taste of the university audience in testing the frama of the novelties that had been introduced. It was his interest in modern Sinhalase novel, an interest kindled by Martin Wickramasinghe, who was a close friend that prompted him to shift his interests to Sinhala literature.

Of course, the Sinhabahu account is almost totally fiction, except for the possibility that there is a vestigial element of historical truth buried in it. As a consequence, the third arrow pierced his body and killed him. As a result of their union, the princess bore twins, a sinhabzhu and a girl. These features of the Aharya Abhinaya had been made more snhabahu and more colourful. Terrence Ranasinghe, the original Pothe Guru is no more and his wife Malini at the time De Silva, a student in the Science Facultywho now lives in Australia could not turn up unfortunately.

But, at the last point the father gets irritated and thinks dennemi danduvam olamolakamata I will punish him for his insolence.

He had just then produced Maname and had its first performance in Lionel Wendt Theatre in Colombo and several other shows elsewhere and his fame had spread far and wide. The mother was a Wesleyan Methodist and there were two younger girls in the family. That was out of his sense of duty towards his people.

It was most probably that experience which prompted him to sinhababu for a national idiom in the art of the theatre. University of Peradeniya – Wikipedia en. One evening when they were practising, they singabahu a rare visitor peeping through the glass door.


Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. It contained a number of articles relevant to the occasion, some which were reprints of old writings by legendary critics such as Regi Siriwardena while others like the one by Amarakeerti, which were specially written for the volume. Between the shooting of the first and second arrows, Sinhabahu is to sing a song which displays the conflict within his mind and between the shooting of the second and the third arrows there is a long duet between father and son which heightens the sense of tragedy found in the situation.

Mark Antony took a quick decision and started dying and the rest of the cast followed suit thus ending the play. This is clear from the many improbable incidents that feature in it; the most conspicuous such occurrence in the legend is the birth of offspring from the union between a human and an animal, such as a lion, which, I think, is a biological impossibility.

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Diddeniya is an actor who can fill a stage with his presence. When it happened on the 22nd and 23rd sinhabayu Nov. So, Suppadevi had to reveal the truth about herself. The secret of the mistake of the first night was revealed to us only on the 23rd of November this year! The king condemned Vijaya and his retainers together sinabahu their wives and children to exile. Any play can be described as the offspring born of the union between literary art and representational art.

But, Sinhala theatre was fortunate again because talented youth entered the university during this period and Sarachchandra got ready for the second production with this new talent. Sinhalese people – Wikipedia en. There, Jayantha utilised the classical Ragas of the North Indian tradition.