SubsFactory, sottotitoli per passione! It should be more. Norwegian subs grabbed from BRrip. David Arnold Michael Price. Fixed spaces between subtitles and their duration, corrected spelling mistakes, added missing words and punctuation when felt necessary. It understands that Holmes isn’t really about plot but about charisma

Sherlock – 02×03 – The Reichenbach Fall. Please rate and enjoy the brilliant first episode of the second season. Sherlock BBC sesong 2 Inneholder tekstene til de tre episodene i denne sesongen: Sherlock – Season 1 p Complete. John and Lestrade try to move on with their lives after Sherlock’s apparent death. Malay subtitle for the final episode of season 1.

A Study in Pink

It’s kind of a mess. Search for ” A Study in Pink ” on Amazon. And it really only justifies the impending narrative for the rest of subtitlees four – in which John will push Sherlock away as Sherlock awkwardly tries to help him recover – if. Archived from the original on 23 December Gossip from city filming of BBC drama Sherlock”.


Case itself is quite fascinating and a good test of Holmes’ intellect.

Subtitles for Sherlock

When John returns to B, Sherlock asks him to send a text message to Wilson’s still-missing phone, hoping the murderer will make a move. Silakan diunduh, terjemah manual. XviD-FoV-passer til alle versioner.

Sherlock s01e01 A Study in Pink dvdrip. Sherlock sesong 2 boks 2 DVD-rip. The “three-patch problem” ponk Sherlock describes is similar to the term “three-pipe problem” he uses in ” The Red-Headed League “.

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Retrieved 15 May Sherlock Complete Season 1. A Study in Pink 24 Oct 9.

Текст: Sherlock 1×01 A Study In Pink (english subs)

The Lying Detective Sherlock. Sherlock Series 1 DVD: Subtitles for Season 2 Episode 3. But first let me say that I love having the subtitles because they are. Turner, instead of as Mrs. Archived from the original on 4 August Start your free trial.

I’m proud of binned Sherlock pilot”. Sherlock presumes “Rachel” was Wilson’s e-mail password and 1xx01 victim planted her phone on the killer so he could be traced by GPS. Retrieved from ” https: Sherlock s01e03 The Great Game dvdrip. He offers him money to spy on Sherlock, but John refuses.


Last week the BBC did something rather cool involving the subtitles for the deaf and hard of. Nevertheless, In its shortened form, it works well for cinema presentation. Endless Love Kara Sevda — Episode 74 english subtitles turkishseries.

The police arrive and Sherlock starts deducing facts about the shooter’s identity, before realising it must be John and telling Lestrade to ignore everything he said.

CrimeSubtitoesMystery. Retrieved 5 May Season One [4K Blu-ray] Vietnamese.

Sherlock – Season 1 p Complete.