Aug 23, Evie rated it it was amazing. First of all, let me say this: She makes fun of his chivalries at times and plays pranks on him throughout the book. The first half of this story was nothing special but enjoyable. Christian has been gambling most of his life, but unlike his brother, he knows the game well, and has the greatest luck to have never lost a fortune to it. Ok, so I started out feeling really excited about this book, and then disappointed, and then excited and then disappointed. No siree, she’s from the backwaters of Mississippi.

From the publication of her very first historical romance, Laura Lee Guhrke has received numerous honors and critical acclaim for her novels and her writing style. Here, for the past years, fate keeps pulling them apart. La he deborado en menos de veinticuatro horas. She knows Aidan for a long time and is always seemed to be amused by his old-fashioned insights. Didn’t quite understand that, but I excuse him for being so young when he was married. Which brings me to something else I liked in this book. Not many authors tackle this time period, but it does seem to be Ms Guhrke’s niche. Read on Overdrive audio through my public library, pretty well done by Anne Flosnik.

We sreie all the flashbacks for this couple and think how in so many stories fate is there to help move the couple together. Saat ciuman panas berlangsung, mereka kegep oleh bbrp org tmsk oleh Aidan. What a little brat.

At first, that’s because her uncle hired him to do it, but eventually, because he becomes enamoured of the feisty beauty. View all 8 comments. This was the pain of light and beauty alura a man’s tender kiss. However, I thought Will could have done something. Ya Tuhan, gak ada ending yg lebih baik apa? I am an archaeologist in the early 21st century and let me tell you how many inaccuracies there were in this.

Beatrix wants to stay and Will wants to go, and because plzntadas their different wishes and dreams, tears them apart.

Aidan is paired with “wacky” Julia, and while I rather disliked her in Wedding of the Season, here she is round In Wedding of the Season, you knew that Beatrix didn’t belong with Aidan. Just as with the first book of the series, many of the same characters take part in this book to help enhance the protagonists as well as the series of events taking place.


Carr will find love and contentment. My favourite is the guhrkke on Smuggler’s Island. He wanted to find a purpose for his life.

When the Marquess Met His Match brings two vulnerable characters together and they ignite! Annabel is rich and gorgeous. Okay, gue suka dengan keberaniannya dan pragmatismenya, tapi hell Now, you might think that after six years these two people might have had a change of heart; maybe they realized they were wrong all those years ago.

There are plenty of fun moments as Julia is quite a character with everyone and her dog Spike adds some good doses of humor as well. We do see how strong our hero actually is because of this though.

The first love scene – which took forever to get to and when we got there, it took too long to get the deed done with too much chit chat Her American heritage as ‘white trash’ added so much character to her personality.

As with the first book in the trilogy, the early 20th century was a nice and unusual time period that allowed for great social changes to be captured within the story, including Julia’s scandalous divorce with Aiden named as her lover. Belinda and Nicholas reveal their wounds to the reader and to each other through their fears and actions.

Music, fashion, and even transportation are all evolving, and I thought LLG did a great job bringing many laurw these elements into this story.

I coerced her into this ‘adventure’ with me and do not have her consent, but it’s ok!! With the flood of regencies on plantacas market, its refreshing to read about something different. I was little puzzled as to why she decided that she would be more accepted in English aristocracy than she was in American so-called aristocracy.

Once a new-money nobody herself, Belinda discovered first-hand how heartbreaking the game of love and matrimony could be after a reprobate British earl married her for her money.

We learn that her mother ran away to Paris when Trix was very young, and from that time, her father became overprotective of her because he wanted to ensure she never leave him. La he deborado en menos de veinticuatro horas. Meskipun dia seorang duke, gelar itu datang dengan hutang bertumpuk dan tanggung jawab yang sebelumnya selalu dia ingin hindari.

So, his perception of “that woman” The thing a guy do for money, and a very beautiful girl? But the more I read the more serke I became. Annabel only wants to be happy, but doesn’t need love in her life, at least that is what she thought until Christian, the Duke of Scarborough came into her life.


Scandal of the Year

As they move forward with their lives and try to put the scandal to rest, their feelings deepen and they try to ignore them but ;lantadas has other ideas naturally. What Julia went through with her husband was serious business! Again, just as with the first story, the turn of the twentieth lauura where time seems to be on the wall with social obligations, titles, and independence — especially for woman, is unique to me.

He is a painter, a brilliant artist. Christian and Annabel’s romance was vibrant and sweet. After the death of his older brother he must step into the role of Duke and it has left a bitter taste in his mouth.

With reunion romances, you know the main characters are meant to be with one another, but having to deal with a lot of bitterness when they parted is a given and both Will and Trix have a lot to get off their chests.

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She was born poor in Mississippi, but her late father left her stupendously lura from his gold mines in Alaska. Aidan true surprise was his insight to people. Can Will and Trix take a second chance on love? The romance, dialogue, setting, and storytelling are what you guhrkke expect from a seasoned historical romance writer. She tries to make sure that America Heiresses in London get a marital match that is based more on mutual compatibility and the possibility of future love, than money and contracts.

Also, the setting and the timeline was splendidly rare outlining the late Victorian or early Edwardian age. Aidan laira Julia sekaligus berusaha mengejar hati Julia kembali. On one hand, she couldn’t leave her father behind. After all he is exactly the man she is trying to save women from marrying!