The problem i have with the other episode is that they made the mission and final mission too boring. Ji-hyo finds another item; problem is, Jong-kook is only a few feet away from her and calls for backup. She rarely takes the initiative. He vows to be more mindful of Jong-kook, who says he wants Jae-suk to take care of his health. Regardless, it doesn’t have any effect on the main point, which is that Ji Hyo generally has an easy time when she’s the spy. Need to consider that it’s the middle of summer as well. Mina asks her movie costar if he wants to split the prize money with her, then later we see Jung-seok carrying a vacuum with him. Thank you for the recap!

All three of them now awake and looking to win, the Monday Couple slowly approach Jong-kook with the belt. Submit a new link. Kang Gary-sshi, you’re the man! I totally respect YjS and he is totally So Cool! Still, he misses the mark by a hair. Maybe a silly question, but can somebody tell me what Running man is?

Or just Ji-hyo in the middle of her favorite activity: Drama Recaps Reach of Runninv The boys are going to their wish dpisode Suzy, Gyuri and other epusode idols show up for the next ep. Alex October 30, at In their cars, Jung-myung shares their hint World Cupand actually breaks into a smile just thinking about how much FUN he had during the first game.

I have read so many bad reviews about it that I really don’t feel like watching it whereas I freakin’ love RM. Jae-suk refuses to give it up and Haha puts him at gunpoint, er, water gunpoint but the battery is useless without the phone. But that’s more coz we all so used to see guests being all polite and all smiley and sleep walk during the games, so seeing episkde as free and confident to use his physical strength like CJM seems like a huge surprise.

Yeah, I hope he got ‘something’ from KJK when the cameras were off. Kim Jong Kook is very manly and strong.

Like KS and him said, he took the runninv guy persona receiving bad comments from people but it helped to build the show’s content and especially KS’s character so all of us should be thankful for what he does every single episode.


As for BigNose Hyung, I never did get why he was a team member to begin with. Please enter your username or email address. A verification email has been sent to your new draamabeans address.

First picking on Kwangsoo in the morning, then being all high and mighty with his authority on the guest appearance: Thirty minutes are on the clock as the family members run to hide. Anyway, all the games to deliver jjajangmyun eisode are so funny. Runnijg must one do with their hands while acting?

Both Gary and Mina find separate items, and then we see Suk-jin wearing a bathrobe. Running Man has been airing for a while now, and they issued out a few public surveys.

Kookie can pinch them and make them pain to punish them without really hurting them, I think they’re afraid of that, hahaha. Jung-seok and Mina pass the first two questions, but then flub on the third.

And then he went on to bodyslam Jong Kook again during the boxing game. I wished Mblaq and Sistar didn’t show up this episode it seemed like a waste to!

I’ve seen RM members being more aggressive than that, JK included. It’s also quite unfortunate that Kookie has been made into a Trophy, and all the guests seem to come on running man to do their trophy hunting. Cornered, he hints at the staff to start: You can check on her childhood photos she used to be child actor and she is natural. RM team need to take note on the comments and work on it. Now that for me is interesting, bec it becomes the real thing, even for a few moments. You should be giving yourself that lecture, Mr.

I love monster Jong Gook’s comeback! The boys struggle to pick up the coin off of the floor with their gloves, and after Jong-kook gets knocked aside, Jung-myung swoops in and completes the task. Knowing this, Kwang-soo immediately gives Gary the royal treatment, which makes him uneasy: He was way too much.

While many think the earliest eps were the best – they were really hit or miss just like now. If you saw some kids wrestling on the lawn and laughing as they did so, you might interfere and you might not, depending on the kind of parent you are. I enjoyed cramabeans episode right until the witch thing. Kwang-soo turns this scenario into a page right out of a makjang drama by declaring his romantic love for his twin sister.


But considering how bad she is at dancing [cute as it is] it is surprising.

Running Man Episode Recap Dangerous Family : runningman

Rats, got that last bit of exposition in the wrong place. Particularly impressing for this episode was the RM team finally realizing that forming a large alliance is the way to take out Spartakooks – although HyunA did a really good job of being an effective teammate for him.

Thus begins their secret meeting and Jong-kook covers the phone as he inputs the code, something that the Easy Brothers have a gripe with.

dramabeasn Careful it doesn’t come with a Kwang-soo cries out desperately as Jae-suk tries to get his bearings, but the grasshopper ends up throwing the pogo stick on the ground in exasperation. But a little prod from Kwang-soo is enough for the tiger to surface again and snap at the giraffe.

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Please click the link in that email to complete the email change process. PJS is one of the most amazing asian footballer, he’s really a living legend for south korea: That was a tap for variety’s sake. A huge improvement from the last ep. Well, let’s see who’s will be guest for next and next episode.

They will have to involve Ji Hyo in the game in some other ways other than making her the spy. JC July 18, at So typical of Kookie to give up meekly in front of the pretty. mann

I was actually expecting it to be action packed.