Ray, I read your response to Mr. Thank you sir for this letter. The good far outweigh the bad. Can you get all you can find out about Mr. I love the article today about the solitary life of veterans. Hackworth “Serving soldiers fed his website with information about the army’s leadership shortcomings. I think we should put more taxes on people wiring money to Mexico, along with closing all the loop holes. You would have my vote!!!

And Donald Trump is working together with Putin …. Well said and what millions of us are thinking. I just read your open letter to Mr. I hope and pray that God will use you to speek for Him, this country and our Christian people in the months and years ahead great job. What a jerk you are the Armed forces is made up of Brave young Men and women not that you would fit in it because you would not. I wish the president would step up and have the group investigated. One committed suicide and one was shot and killed at the I Hop restaurant in Carson City. Ray, Thank you so much for your spot- on letter to the Khan family…I have so much respect for your views, as they make absolute sense….

We are paying the Saudis to destroy us by buying their oil. Its stated mission is to inform the public, Congressand the media on issues related to the training, readiness, equipment and leadership of US armed forces.

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Khan but I am a proud peace loving Muslim like Mr. Ray wrote that Radical Islam must be destroyed. Only by the grace of god was a police officer close rwy to stop him. I am just a regular not so accomplished 61 year old who has longed for a fighter like Mr.

Your comment stating that Mr.

The Clintons have no shame. It is sad that only a few are given public recognition. Stamann army’s social engineering is endangering our national security.


Khan is a supporter of Sharia law—although I need to do more research to verify that. Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School of lowering training standards, in order to allow women to become Green Berets. I also pray he learns that those who humble rat will be exalted, but those who exalt themselves will be humbled, Agape Love.

People get angry, murder and rage are part of human nature. Ideas refense educated into a footnote in history. Thank you for standing up for common sense!! Thank God the voice of reason still exists! Hackworth also used the profits from his own book sales to help fund the organization.

Khan from the DNC was simply tremendous, so balanced and right. She realized that the mother was grieving and kept her mouth shut. Go look at the graves of brave patriots who died defending the United States of America. Thank you for defejse what some many of us know to be true.

BTW i thinks David Hackworth was the most unrecognized hero of the Vietnam war but as usual he was not popular with the brass so he was shoved to the rear but those of us from our war will never forget him. Your subcriptions will sync with your account on this website too. Thank you, be safe, protected and blessed. Albeit so sad be that those innocent civilians were killed, but it ended the war and relatively quickly.

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Read your letter to the father of the soldier killed in Iraq. The Obama administration- guided starrmann the best minds of that time- made a list of countries to watch and potentially sanction in a manner consistent with Americas promises to follow an international moral compass America herself put into place. That is a fact that is confirmed every time a Muslim shoots, bombs, beheads and tortures innocent men, women and children. Thank you, sir, for your outstanding letter.


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Hate Take a look at yourself your acting like an extremist. Why do you think they are doing that? We are a nation of immigrants and we are so much better off then other places that they risk everything to get here.

Khan, spot on Sir. Speaking as a parent and one who has experienced what you are going through I find it shameful that you would allow a politician to use your grief in this way.

After reading your open letter to Mr. Grief is a horrible predator. After 30 plus yrs with the USAFR and retiring at the end of the month it truly sickens me that some families have raised and leashed onto the world this sort of disrespectful miscreant. I want to show you how I, as an elite liberal snob, with a PhD, wife and kids, and an overpriced house, who works 12 hrs a day to develop medicines for the betterment of human kind views your argument.

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Thank you for your articulate letter to Mr. Trump is perfect except for one big flaw…he can say the most incredibly damaging things. They have nothing unless if you give it to them and you just did.