Anusaniya still works hard. Satawat thinks that she has a secret with him because she is pregnant with Chayakorn. Anusaniya becomes pregnant with Satawat’s child but Soammiga has returned to cause chaos since her father died of a heart attack. She gets drunk, and sleeps in Satawat’s beach hut, because she can’t face the guests at the event. When she finds out that Satawat works in several hospitals to earn extra money for paying a debt, she realizes that he is wanting to get back to Soammiga. Wan Ru worries that her aspirations in life are never really made certain, and the fact that she might not get a boyfriend. She can’t take that she has lost to Anusaniya again. Then it is revealed that Anukorn will have a baby, not Anusaniya.

Thai-language films films s action films Sahamongkol Film International films Thai films Martial arts films Martial arts comedy films Muay Thai films Action comedy films Thai comedy films. Nantana accepts that offer immediately because she needs the debt to be cleared and she quickly tries to hook up Satawat and Anusaniya. To avoid any accidental exposure, they wore bikinis underneath the towels and had the towels taped to their chests. Chayakorn is upset when he finds out that Anusaniya has left with another man, and hasn’t returned to the hotel. She is determined to never let Satawat out of her grasp and tries to get into his marriage. Anusaniya Woralertluk Kim Kimberley the only daughter of billionaire Nattapol, who will soon become a powerful business woman. She gives in, and Satawat returns to live with her. Satawat is so shocked when he finds out that Saowaros took money from Soammiga.

He insists that Anusaniya stop working hard while pregnant. Retrieved from ” https: Saowaros is so excited because she thinks that she will get bonus money. A crime boss named Dragon yells at his henchman at a meeting for failing their mission to which the cross-dressing woman fulm named King Kong, whom she blames Chai Lai for their failures.

Makanya saat ia diminta memilih anggota F4 yang akan ditolongnya jika chxi F4 tenggelam dengan bercanda Shen Yue mengatakan tidak bisakah mereka berdiri saja. Gak cuma bagus aktingnya, para bintang yang memerankan juga bening menyegarkan mata. Saowaros gets the news that Nattapol is looking for a son-in-law, so she decides to offer Satawat to Nantana. She gives in, and Satawat returns to live with her. She drives her car into Chayakorn’s car, which causes Chayakorn’s car to crash and flip over.


Edit this Page Edit Information. Meski hanya adaptasi, namun masing-masing punya keunikan tersendiri yang membedakannya dari versi Korea, Jepang atau Amerikanya.

The family agrees that they will take Chayakorn’s kidneys to transplant it into Nattapol. She always tries to interfere with the marriage life of Satawat and Anusaniya because she knows that Satawat only married her so he can clear his debt. She’s afraid that Anusaniya will use the baby to keep Satawat.

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King-Kong runs into Spadix, who tries to gun her but fails. Thailand gak mau kalah dengan Korea dan Taiwan yang sudah lebih dulu mengadaptasi cerita lucu ini. The closing-title song, “Chai Lai”, performed by Jintara Poonlarpis featured on Jintara’s album, Mor lam sa on Saowaros asks Udomsak to help her, but Udomsak refuses to help. Satawat and Anusaniya’s relationship gets better. Other reviews by this dhsi. Nattapol is unhappy that Chayakorn tries to get in the way of Anusaniya and Satawat’s unity, because he knows of Chayakorn’s feelings for Anusaniya.

Anusaniya still works hard. Even though she knows that she has only a few days left to live with him. Berawal dari manga, karya Kaoru Tada ini telah diadaptasi ke dalam kurang lebih 10 media berbeda. Her love for this ordinary guy.

iflm Anusaniya thinks that everyone wants her to marry Satawat because they assume that she and Chayakorn are having an immoral relationship. As she tries to get away,she runs into Satawat. Top Actors Add New Person.

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She decides to break up with Chayakorn, but instead, he breaks up with her. Kirim pertanyaanmu mengenai Pilpres dan dapatkan hadiah menarik! Anusaniya and Soammiga meet each other again during an opening event of the hotel of a famous celebrity on the Andaman Coast. Satawat understands that Nantapol throws money around like this because he needs to clear the scandalous news of his daughter and Chayakorn.

She asks Nantana to remit her debt if Satawat works it off, and Satawat marries Anusaniya in return. Anusaniya is deeply disappointed in Satawat because he protects Soammiga more than her.


Miki is pursued by King Kong and Kathleen in a park and the rest are with many henchman in another part of the park. Dragon heads to the roof for a helicopter escape, with Lotus chasing after.

Satawat believes that Chayakorn is Anusaniya’s boyfriend. Chayakorn is so sad when he learns that Anusaniya will belong to another man. All pgofil them believe that he is the child of Angkarb Rachanee Siralert and not of their father’s mistress. Pada tahun Shen Yue akhirnya mulai debut di dunia akting dengan menjadi pemeran pendukung di drama Let’s Shake It. So Anusaniya and her father lied about her losing the baby. Nattapol calls Satawat and Saowaros to meet him.

Later, Miki attacks the henchman but is quickly stopped and tied. Retrieved from ” https: Soammiga continues to lie to Anusaniya that Satawat took her money for paying his debt. Itazura na Kiss alias First Kiss adalah salah satu franchise drama paling laris di Asia.

Belum lama ini Princess Hours versi Thailand sukses menyita perhatian. Lanjutkan membaca artikel di bawah.

IDN Times Community adalah media yang menyediakan platform untuk menulis. This movie is scheduled for release in July Anusaniya can’t take the fact that Nantana pushes Satawat upon her because she thinks that Satawat is after money. Chai Lai chase them but when member Hibiscus Jintara Poonlarppemaln being freed from the van and saved by Rose, gets out a rocket launcher and fires but prrofil that Miki is still inside.

Anusaniya finally understands that Satawat tried to protect her at all times, but she always disparaged him, so she follows him to the island to reconcile.

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He orders his subordinates to find his niece, but to no avail. Related Content Samee Ngern Phon. Mirantee knows that he uses her as a cover-up, and he plans to find a way to reconcile with Anusaniya. Mei Ling and King Kong.