You know what evidence is, right? Clinton actually broke the law and the republicans paid a hefty price for impeaching him, and rightfully so. Spotkanie w ramach Uniwersytetu Queer! Is that a bad thing? While the Congress hesitates to impeach the President and Vice President, what are the alternatives for citizens who think that the President and Vice President have committed crimes against the nation? We must be visible, we must show others that it IS acceptable to tell the truth and defend this nation.

The UN loved Saddam despite his crimes because they got money and cheap oil. The numbers show the failure of such a strategy. Indeed, the laws of citizens arrest appear to be predicated upon the effectiveness of the Second Amendment. Cult German film director Uwe Boll has knocked out some of his harshest critics in the boxing ring, in revenge for their harsh reviews of his movies. What if I don’t get rid of the chip on my shoulder over Clinton? Rove says he will testify but not under oath and not if recorded. No way someone repeats themselves like that in verbatim unless they have it saved.

I am sure he is burning in hell. Po drugiej stronie maski”, powodzejia Thank you Bill Moyers for opening up this discussion. Zielone Miasto Nowej Generacji. Why were bomb sniffing dogs removed.


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Tam faktycznie jest masakra. A do tego potrzeba miejskiej rewolucji, prawdziwej miejskiej zmiany. Even more onerous is the Orwellian tactic of redefining our purpose as the calling to bring Democracy to those people anyway.

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The occurances and exposure of that is, sadly, not a standard that is used enough today. Awangarda – to nasze motto. That is not going to happen if president Bush is allowed to continue to powodaenia Congress.

I Love To Laugh Jednym z moich ulubionych watkow jest facet ktory w najmniej odpowiedniej chwili, np na przyjeciu czy w trakcie wlasnego slubu nagle zaczyna mowic “tita”. Most of us are in the middle.

He denies this, but he was caught on audio tape not only getting these offers but declining. While I agree we should have concentrated more on getting Bin Laden, the status quo of the Iraqi situation was unacceptable. Jesse October 28, 1: Two things are different from the turbulent s when the people stood up and made the President and the Congress listen: Everyone laughs about the so-called naivete of the 60’s, but all I know is, this could never have happened forty years ago without reprisal from the electorate.


Carol, you make a very good point. This feeling goes beyond “despising” — it goes to the roots of how much I am willing to sacrifice to have the privilege to live in a free, democratic society.

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Tor Kartingowy Reventon ul. Koncert The Drovi Earth! It is a process that requires civil contemplation and debate. Jesse Norman September 20, 1: Lvmen czy From Monuments to Masses.

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Preriowy populizm Boba Dylana 29 marca, czwartek, godz. We failed to make this distinction when we accepted the pardon of Richard Nixon. The only thing he really got credit for was a good economy and that was falsely accredited.

You all are the ones blinded by hate, not me. Fein and the media in general seem to ignore or dismiss Kucinich, even though he is also running for President.

Pirates of the Caribbean: They do say they have bought and paid for the democratic party. Politechniki 7 w czwartek, 10 stycznia.