The Mystery of the Missing Crystal!! Any Need to Worry in a Tag Battle!? Takeshi ‘s Rose Colored Days!? The Riddle of Evolution! Togepy and the Mirage Kingdom!! Which One is the Real One!?

Survival of the Striaton Gym! VS Tube Queen Azami!! Unleash the Giant Water Shuriken!! Isshu ‘s Greatest Crisis!! Outside of Japan, it is further subdivided into 22 seasons. Eievui ‘s First Time in a Fight!! Road to Being the Strongest!!

The Twin Sparking Gigavolt of Friendship!! Serena Makes Her Debut!!

Pokemon Season 17 Black and White: Adventures In Unova and Beyond Episode 11 Capacia Island UFO!

The Battle of the Pokmon Sundial!! Protect the Bippa Village!! Defend Nibi Gym in a Tag Battle!! Takeshi ‘s Rose Colored Days!? Their Name is Galaxy-dan!! The Volt Change Chaos!! Decide on the Ice Chandelier!! This Time for Pochama!? Open the Door to the Future!! Enju City Once Again!!

The Path to Being Hotachi King! Celebrating the Hero’s Comet!


The Kametete ‘s Swaying Heart!! Mega Sirnight in the Mist!! Legend of the Comet and the Hero!!

Until We Meet Again!! Formation of a Villainous Alliance!? Four Heavenly Kings Genji Appears!!

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The Road to Championship!! Mystery of the Kinococo Mansion!? Cross the Kibanha River! The Mystery of the Missing Crystal!! The Electric Stone Cave!!

The Darkness that Devours Radiance!! Mijumaru ‘s Biggest Crisis Ever!! Curtain Up, Unova League! The Strike Offensive of Certain Kills!! Beware of the Rival!! VS Gym Leader Aloe!! Survival of the Striaton Gym! Pikachu VS Mega Lucario!! The Beginning of Dreams and Adventures!!

The Secret of Evolution!! The Riddle of Evolution! Search for the Hot Spring!! The Battle at the Lake! Beyond the Mountain in Search of Happiness!? Sinnoh League – Suzuran Tournament!! The Hyakkoku TryPokaron Tournament!! The Zygarde Capture Operation!! The Case of the Disappearing Tabunne!!


Battle at the Tea Convention!! The Path of Separation!! Laugh and Cry, Island Queen!! Jungle Battle at the Battle Palace!! Getting the Hot Heart!! Haruka ‘s First Battle!!