The bitter cold woman on the outside, but has a warm kind heart on the inside. Gabriel later dies after being shot by Franco and tells Gabriela that he will never forgive her before he dies. Franco then meets a woman named Jenny. A loving son who does not know his father. Little did Juan and his brothers know that Olivia was seeing a much older and wealthy man, Bernardo Elizondo. She informs Gabriela’s daughters about her “things”. Oscar loves his siblings with all his heart and is protective of Lyvia, like all of brothers.

Like Mike, Henry, and Jed he is loyal to Gabriela. Also she is considered as Franco’s “Sugar Mommy”. As time passes they have to fight for their love under the dangers caused by Gabriel Salcedo,Gabriela’s bastard son,and tries to succeed but as they married along with Oscar and Sari and Franco and Jamie they suffered in the hands of Gabriel during their honey moon and succeeds in killing Jamie. Gabriela considers her to be disappointment out of the three. Later she returns into the lives of the Samonte’s. Mayor is Elle’s niece and treats her like his own.

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A mother figure to Norma, Sari and Jamie Elizondo. Premise The show revolves around three brothers who are out to avenge their sister’s death, by oasyon the daughters of the rival family, fall in love with them. Until his conscience got the best of him and he start seeing Lyvia’s ghost as an apparition he finally admitted that he killed Lyvia and that Gabriela was the mastermind. She later marries Franco but unfortunately a tragic accident will happen to her.

She helps the Samonte brothers to find pasuon against Gabriel by making him think that she loves him but she was only pretending.


The story revolves around the Samonte brothers who set out to avenge the death of their youngest sister. Later in the series he marries Norma and has a son.

Gabriela abandoned them both for money and riches also to marry Bernardo. In the end, he and Norma live happily and it is revealed that she is carrying a baby whom they name ‘Olivia’ after his sister.

Anna did her job well and was the one who informed Norma that Juan, Oscar and Pasyyon are Lyvia’s older brothers. Unbeknownst to her, Leo was hired by Gabriela to destroy her relationship with Franco.

Married at First Sight.

The show revolves around three brothers who are out to avenge their sister’s death, by making the daughters of the rival family, fall in love with them. Norma then meets Juan who becomes her hero in disguise and savior from her heartache.

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She is a flul with a trauma of love because she was molested and raped in the past. Follow the story of the Samonte family: There, Juan will meet Gabriela, the powerful matriarch ; and Norma, the mysterious eldest daughter who has unwittingly captured his interest.

But her daughters, Norma in particular, will protect their family and their mother no matter what. He later marries Jamie but a tragic accident will happen when Jamie is killed in their honeymoon. Game shows Minute to Win It —; —; He appeared in the second month of airing of the series.

Pasion De Amor The show revolves around three brothers who are out to avenge their sister’s death, by making the daughters of the rival family, fall in love with them. Retrieved from ” https: He helped the Samonte brothers against Gabriel. Juan, Oscar, Franco and Lyvia’s friend. They plan to manipulate, hurt and revenge their sister by using the Elizondo sisters. Rizza Gonzales-Ebriega Annaliza A.


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A pasyin cruel woman, who married Bernardo just for money. Ping later died when Henry injected pasykn into his body. It is revealed that he had a sister named Daniella. Because it’s never too early to plan Thursday night Fernando was later killed by Gabriel and Gabriela was the mastermind of his death.

She later makes peace with Norma. Gabriela and Henry’s henchmen and another one of Lyvia’s murderers. Franco later declared that their relationship is over and they broke up.

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He was imprisoned because of drugsbut later renews himself. At the lobby the Elizondos and Samontes are visited by a young image of the Elizondos father Bernardo and gives his daughter her life back and gives a chance of redemption of their mistakes, as a sign of Gabriela’s sorrowful cries and hopes of a new hope. Gabriela is grateful to Eva d she helped her raise the Elizondo sisters and they call her “Nanay Eva”. Gabriela’s loyal right-hand man. Gabriel strikes revenge against the Elizondo family blaming him for his and his sister’s pxsyon.

Juan later returns to Norma’s life and meets his son.