Price and Matheson were both dropped and tellingly so for the next entry, ‘The Premature Buriel’, but returned for ‘Tales of Terror’. The Day of the Triffids. Based on Stephen King’s first novel, it inspired a series of movies based his work, and helped establish him as one of the biggest names in horror. The Bride of Frankenstein The ending is a real suprise, which lead to another sequel ‘Armies of Darkness’, which recieved a main-stream cinema release. Peter Lorre again doing what he does best, going off his nut in startling fashion.

Two innocent, niave newlyweds, Janet and Brad arrive at the mansion, and begin to discover their own sexuality, whilst the crazy Frank N’ Furter decides to create the ideal man in his pursuit of unadulterated pleasure. Those that get in his way die terrible, gory deaths. It helped the flagging careers of Lou and Bud who starred in five more ‘Meet the Monster’ movies , but it was the endof the road for the gothic threesome. Firstly, it’s probably the first classic talkie; unlike ‘Dracula’, it uses sound to full effect, every line is solid gold, mostly thanks to Colin Clive’s superb delievery ‘It’s Alive! It was thought that all copies had been destroyed, but, luckily a few survived. But are these events unconnected?

Firstly, it’s probably the first classic talkie; unlike ‘Dracula’, it uses sound to full effect, every line is solid gold, mostly thanks to Colin Clive’s superb delievery ‘It’s Alive! El silencio de cradores corderos Jonathan Demme He goes on a walk-about, kills a couple of locals, before being captured by the villagers.

Demons Toshio Matsumoto This, one of his first English speaking roles, is his best. The smell of death seems to hang over ever creadres Karloff’s tragic zombie seems to yearn the death that was snatched away from him. A New Hope 2 Blade Runner 1 You can never guess which dark alley Hitchcock is going to take us down next; he really does use every trick in the book to unnerve and horrify.

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Viernes 8 Rob Hedden. Overcome with emotion, the monster cries. En la boca del miedo John Carpenter There’s tons of great characters, and the trial scene is unmissable. Dracula doesn’t speak much at all there’s no “Children of the Night” speechthe book’s hero, Jonathan Harker is killed off early on, Dracula doesn’t turn into a bat or wolf, and the final staking scene is replaced by death by sunlight. There’s excitment, chills, comedy and, above all, it’s terrific fun. Michael shows up in the small town of Haddenfield on Halloween, where he stalks young, virginal baby-sitter Laurie Jamie Lee Curtis.


As the scarred composer hiding in the bowels of Paris Opera House, Chaney is unforgettable. One of Hammer’s unheralded classics, a creepy, atmospheric tale of zombies working in a tin mine in a little village near Cornwell.

Back to the Future.

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Scream 2 Wes Craven The plot of what little there is concerns a mad doctor Lenore Aubert attempting to but the brain of Lou Costello? The three stories are ‘Morella’, a typical Poe-style tale in the tradition of ‘Fall of the House of Usher’, ‘The Cask of Amontillado’, a great, comical story about the rivalry between two wine tasters Price and Lorreand ‘The Case of M.

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Very similar to the true life story of Burke and Hare, a version of which ‘Flesh and the Fiends’ is in this very Topit’s actually based on a story by Robert Louis Stevenson.

She discovers she has telekentic powers, which disgusts her at first, but they prove to be pretty useful as a instrument of revenge when she is pushed to far.

Journey to the Center of the Eart. Frankenstein James Movid Unlike in the forties version, Kharis here is fast and deadly, frightening and unstoppable, with manic, leering eyes. It inspired an never-ending run of imitations especially from Italyright up to this very today. Pesadilla en Elm Street Armageddon o Deep Impact son unas muestras de ello.

He supplies the bodies for Dr.

The film that inspired more imitations than any other in the history of cinema, this is one of the most-loved and praised masterpeices of all time. Tobe Hooper Regreso al futuro. They all could have done with Richard Donner sure hand, he directed this benchmark production.


First Men in the Moon. Richard Marquand Juegos de guerra. The best horror movie of the Ninties stars Anthony Hopkins as Dr. The author of the book Lindsay Gresham this pyschological nightmare was based on later commited suicide.

Wilkes prevents Sheldon from leaving the house will make you cring. Terror’s House of Horrors But are these events unconnected?

What a debut for Claude Rains ‘Casablanca’. The War of the Worlds.

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The flesh-eaters never give up, you can never let your guard down. Completely manic, perverse and hilarious muscial-comedy-horror that has a HUGE cult following. A haunting vision of hell-on-Earth from writer turned director Clive Barker. After more troublesome villagers show up, the monster goes on the run again, where he meets up with Pretorius in a crypt of course paranormap, who introduces him to his new bride. Vollin, whoses obssession with Poe inspires him to recreate many of the torture devices described in his work including a pit and pendulum.

The local sheriff Roy Scheideracting like he’s out in the wild west, decides to take on the task of hunting the vicious killer himself well, perhaps with a little help from Robert Shaw and Richard Dreyfuss. Lewis fan who isn’t? Two men discover a body on a river bank: If the gruesome effects of Rick Baker and Dick Smith don’t get you, and you managed to acyividad past year-old Linda Blair spouting obscenities and mastabating with a crucifix, then how about the fact it’s all based on a true story?

Circus of Horrors If you’ve seen it, you’d probably guessed already.