I usually download it Daisuke Namikawa as Jeral Mystogan. June 25—July 4 Jul 6, I was really hoping for these things happening: Then, even more unexpectedly, comes Minori–she seems utterly at a loss, which stands in stark, uncomfortable contrast to her unstoppable energy up to that point. Really, the only one I can rewatch over and over at the moment is naruto -. Taiga, of course, was a disaster from the beginning.

Ray Gestaut as Cait Shelter Wizard ep 63 and The first episodes you will have no idea wtf is going on with something compelling you to keep watching. When he was getting old he forced peasants, engineers, and architects to build him a massive burial tomb, and when it was done he killed everyone that worked on it. Omylawd E-D released Neon genesis aka p quality will probably just stream it then, or hold my breath that 4. I’m currently watching Attack on Titan with rest of the misc, besides that show, what other animes are you guys watching that you can suggest? February Feb 12, Alessio Cigliano as Eligor Lullaby.

A noteworthy feature is the series’ general refusal to let things work out cleanly–toes get oreomo on, people say hurtful things, and not everyone can walk away happy.


I’m actually dreading having to watch episode What was the first anime you watched? Also what were you expecting to happen lol? That is an alpha show. Leah Clark as Mavis Vermillion.

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Jeff Banks as Edolas Soldier ep Higurashi – Weakest one of all, it’s decent with kawaii characters and lots of gore. Philippe Roullier as Lullaby. Anime you watch it, Manga you read it Do you really want me to list them? Arnaud Laurent as Natsu Dragnir. A animefflavor of wacky character comedy and substantive coming-of-age drama that takes a generic concept unexpected places.

Jeong-Gu Lee aniemflavor King of the Spirits. The first episodes you will have no idea wtf is going on with something compelling you to keep watching.

I usually download it Colleen Clinkenbeard as Erza Scarlet. If I had to choose? Paola Paglici Roberta Padoan Mixing: Julie Deliquet as Yukino. Has me loling so hard at times.

Hikaru Midorikawa as Vidaldus Taka. B still haven’t decided, although I heard Cross Game is somewhat of a phaggytime? It’s teenage angst, to be sure, but the emotional core rings true. No, but it is what I go to if I want something serious and thought-provoking.


Fairy Tail (TV)

Todd Haberkorn ep I’m saying just have the links to click, instead of embedding the images. Brigitte Lecordier as Coco Grey enfant. Gianni Bersanetti as Martam Narrator.

Theron Martin has the details. It depends on the anime. I like this show because I can relate to almost all the characters, even that cowardly bish Sagami.

August September 4 Sep 4, Gildarts – Fairy Tail 9. Luigi Morville as Droy Edolas Droy.

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After you watch the series the movies will make a lot more sense. Rai 4 Rai Gulp from 21 March Chiara Oliviero as Lucy Ashley.

Enric Lencina as Rabian Spain dub. Nah, I’ll stick to watching and reading it instead. Japanese Comic Ranking, November 13—19 Nov 21, Buggin Media Internet Streaming: Honestly I don’t know what the point is.

Doug Burks as Belo Gali Nadi.