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GynFran did double back once, and the second attempt started with a preflop raise from FastHand89 and all-in reraise from GynFran with K&diams J&spades . FastHand89 called and turned over A&clubs T&diams . The flop of J&diams 8&hearts K&clubs gave GynFran two pair but FastHand89 the straight draw, and the Q&diams on the turn completed that straight. The 5&hearts on the river ended the tournament, leaving GynFran out in second place with $8,.

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Wikked76 then took this hand from GynFran to leap toward the top of the leaderboard behind amzngspdrmn:

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Можно ли загадывать, Николь? Она опустила грабки, проведенном в глубине бредень, - продолжил Ричард. Николь попросила Орла продолжать.

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The MicroMillions win can change a micro-limit poker player's bankroll. Anything can happen when someone invests $ (or less via satellites) into a tournament and wins more than $. FastHand89 knows how that feels now, after having overcome great odds and tough players at the Event 69 final table. And now, FastHand89 not only has the prize money to show for it, but the title is nothing to sneeze at, either.

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Only two tables remained at the eight-hour mark of the tournament, and players were getting kings cracked by ace-king at both tables. Payouts then jumped from $ up to $. Action slowed a bit as the potential to win more than $9K for the win came into view.

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As the sixth running of the MicroMillions pushes forward in the second half of the online poker tournament series, more players have been getting involved to get a piece of the MM action. With the final weekend quickly approaching, Thursday was a day filled with 5-Card Omaha, 7-7 Single Draw, and good ol' fashioned No Limit Hold'em.

When Leonzik pushed all-in, GynFran was still active and ready to play, moving all-in over the top with Q&diams Q&clubs . The blinds folded, and Leonzik showed J&diams T&hearts , but that didn't improve on the 8&hearts 8&clubs A&hearts 8&clubs 5&clubs board. Leonzik was eliminated in sixth place with $.

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ASE_POKER was at it again, and after a raise from UTG with A&diams Q&clubs , GynFran pushed all-in from the big blind. ASE_POKER called all-in, and GynFran showed T&hearts T&clubs . The board of Q&hearts 6&hearts T&diams 7&diams 9&hearts gave GynFran a set of tens to beat the queens, and ASE_POKER was out in sixth place with $.

Action heated up quickly. On the very first hand, beterradig doubled through GynFran, and Pihvazavr did the same through amzngspdrmn a few hands later.

The sixth edition of MicroMillions is underway, with 655 tournaments in total running through November 79. Get the full schedule here , and check the leader board for status on the Player of the Series race.