Was it all just a dream? I honestly thought something was there but apparently not. Quickly putting things together, he asks if the young girl was the one who created this world with only just the two of them. Ghutatan does apologize for the whole petrification thing, but Mahiro is very forgiving of her. Retrieved January 18, He arrives to the rooftop and finds nobody there. Mahiro is worried, mostly because he knows how these things go, and tries to find a way to help.

Only this time, the Major has the glowing red eyes of doom going. Mahiro and Nyaruko accidentally switched bodies by a representative of ” Dreamland “. Nyarko, however, wants compliments and hugs and pets, too! In conclusion, life goes back to normal with Ghutatan apologizing to Mahiro. If you catch the reference it may get a laugh, and if not, then it’d just be a “okay” and move on. She jumps out of the mirror, and it’s because of the mirror that she was able to find him. You never know when one person’s obsession could lead to them hatching a master plan to use them for their own nefarious purposes

That’s when the creepy music plays, the sky turning blood red. CS1 Japanese-language sources ja Articles containing Japanese-language text All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from July Episode list using the default LineColor. Nyaruko remains with Mahiro due to her infatuation for him. However, they also confronted by someone from Nyaruko’s past, Cthugha”The Living Flame” and her sworn rival. He begins to run in the halls, which he isn’t suppose to do, he recalls more memories of Nyarko, Hastur and Kuko, including that time he was in Nyarko’s body.

The camera pans back to the tentacle as Another Crawling Chaos W. He gets more than he bargained for. He comments on how it’s just reruns today, which is totally unusual despite, you know, looping the day. Riot I tell you!


Nyarko-san W Sequel Anime”. All kinds of adult games.

Haiyore! Nyaruko-san W Episode 12 Preview [HD]

He’s pissed that Nyarko has interfered with his plans to murder Mahiro. Afterwards, the gang goes to the beach and hot springs where Nyaruko makes another attempt to seduce Mahiro. As he stands in silence, Mahiro decides that this totally must be their doing! We have an after credits scene! Heading to the Isle of Stars, the group prepares for a rematch. Continue resisting Nyaruko’s flirting that Mahiro has to put up with, Cthugha also transfers crawlinh their classroom nicknamed Kuuko, increasing Mahiro’s inconvenient.

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Does he mean deep as in story based or deep as in At least he didn’t have to deal with bad CGI vampire zombies. Kuuko is also blackmailed into helping her. If you didn’t notice or needed me to point it out for you, then you’re probably thinking that something is very wrong with this picture. Meanwhile, Nyaruo Nyaruko’s hopeless older brother sends in nightgaunts to seek revenge, but turns out unsuccessful.

There’s a quick text on screen that is almost hidden due to the white text being used, but it says Malign Deity Roar. She notes that he’s happy, which he doesn’t deny. Kuko then has a brilliant idea! Nyarko would rather have a kiss, though.

Mahiro and Nyaruko accidentally episdoe bodies by a representative of ” Dreamland “. Only this time, the Major has the glowing red eyes of doom going.

They engage them in combat and are soundly beat until reinforcements arrive, forcing the robbers to retreat. So she attacks while text appears saying “hate the person, not the mountain of games!


Still trapped, Nyaruko’s personality soon starts to fade as Mahiro risks his own safety to protect her. Nyarko and company destroy the monsters episodw they’re usual case of overkill causes the young Ghutatan to be hurt.

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Knowing that things have gone off the rails I think it’s save to say that we’re beyond an elaborate prank at this point. It’s on purpose as Nyarko mentions a delay. This was not televised. The representative, Isukawho is currently using Tamao’s chaox asked for help from Nyaruko in search for an enemy group known be the extremists.

You never know when one person’s obsession could lead to them hatching a master plan to use them for their own nefarious purposes He leaves the anothrr as we get a quick shot of the sign. The group just can’t believe he said that outloud, but mostly because Mahiro would expect that from Nyarko.

But don’t think that’s the send yet as we have another season to start next week. Hopefully she’s just visiting and not trying to do this transfer student route, though Nyarko has already marked her as a rival. In our last episode, Mahiro and company ended up having to take care of a young girl named Ghutatan, accompanied by her butler, Roy Flogger, but you should call him Major.