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Cancel reply Enter your comment here Star studded screening of On the whole, ‘Nanjupuram’ is surely a bold attempt. The answer to these questions forms the climax and the remaining part of the story. Consequently, Velu is made to stay in jury-rigged house so as to save himself from he revengeful snake. There are some interesting visual treat and pulsating scenes that sustain our interest. After 45 days, the snake will relent, it is told. The village people have strong belief over the hearsays that a snake hurt, but not killed will seek its revenge.

So the villagers plan to make tent on a very high and make Velu to stay there for 40 days. One day, while treating a snake-bitten girl from the village, the unafraid Velu takes her to the opposite side of the hill, across the snakes. And it does have almost enough snakes so that Raaghav could have been waist deep in reptiles — such a wasted opportunity pun intended: The snakes created through CG works look real in many sequences.

Being the most popular educational website in India, we believe in providing quality content to our readers. Monica plays a de-glamourised character. They used to call the snakes as good. Not to mention, the director also seems to provide fodder to the superstitions existent in villages about snakes. Behindwoods Review Board Starring: Now Velu is in fear of the snake attack and afraid to come down till the completion of 40th day.

Unfortunately, the script misses some novelty. Consequently, Velu is made to stay in jury-rigged house so as to save himself from he revengeful snake. Presentation of the film is good.


Low production values, screenplay, background score, cinematography Verdict: So he doesn’t goes to meet Malar in the banks. They are having more practices among them about snakes from their past ancestors.

The most common fantasy subgenres depicted in movies are High Fantasy and Sword, both categories typically employ quasi-medieval settings, wizards, magical creatures and other elements commonly associated with fantasy stories.

It looks like Rama Narayanan; a sentimentalist with animal based movies didn’t want to leave this one. Monica, as usual came in the frame to share the screen with hero in romance and duet songs. Charles has picked the most famous tale of how a snake sought revenge on a King in a different avatar and he deserves a special pat.

The marriage is set on the 41st day. Nanjupuram movie review Cast: Others in the cast are adequate. The scenes involving snakes were very well captured. Having decided to put across a message with his movie, Charles had taken up a plot mired with logical loopholes.

naan partha padam: Nanjupuram

Velu strengthens his heart and goes for Malar, when the thief distracts the guards and make them chase him.

He had done that job also well. There are lot movis loopholes in the script. Janhvi tweets an emotiona Other actors like Strughan sinha, priyamani, vivek oberoi has done the good parts in the Tamil movie Rattha Charitram. Showcase your talent to millions!!

Jacksons The Lord of the Rings trilogy is due to its ambitious scope, serious tone. By the end of 40 days, Velu also get in trap of fear about the snake, by hearing many ancient stories.

The president goes to her house and threatens Malar and her mother to see a bride groom for Malar quickly. Taking cue from them, debutant director Charlesin the company of popular television actor Raghavhas woven a script that is entertaining and enthralling in parts.

One day when Malar’s engagement is also over, she asks Velu’s friend, a thief, to speak to him and ask him to come and meet her. Agreed the plot is set in a tribal village and hence superstitions are dime a dozen.



He is the one and only character in that village that does not have fear for snakes. Nanjupuram also has passable visual effects nabjupuram Sunil. But as the film went on he actually won me over — terrible hair and all — so he seems to be a better actor than his choice of film would suggest.

Despite his apparent disbelief in such things, Velu is sent by his family to live in a hut set on top of some long poles surrounded by a deep trench, since the local pundits have decreed that if he can stay out of reach of the snake for forty days he will be safe. Write detailed comment, relevant to the topic.

Nanjupuram Review

Movies made on snakes always attracted attention in Tamil cinema. Both Velu and Malar have strong affinity towards each and situations bring them together expressing their love for each other. In Francis Ford Coppolas The Conversation, a bugging-device expert systematically uncovered a covert murder while he himself was being spied upon, Peter Hyams science fiction thriller Capricorn One proposed a government conspiracy to fake the first mission to Mars.

First half of the film is slow in pace. Bucket-loads of snakes in fact. Ilusionz infinite Characters present in the movie Nanjupuram Raghav played the male lead role as Velu, a jobless youngster from the upper cast. The film is produced by Preetha Raghavwife of Raghav.

The film which was started three years back was finally released on April 01, When the snake was about to kill Velu, the sun rises, marking the end of the 40th day, thus the snake goes away.