Just for added security. There were so little leg room for you to move. Made me feel like I was in a wet market with all the noise. Bakit may ganyang tao? Despite of what happened, I still managed to enjoy watching despicable me 2. It is dangerous like for people who watch movies alone like me sometimes. I finally had the chance to watch “That Thing Called Tadhana” in this movie house.

Reclined too much, IMO, and can’t be adjusted, arm rests can’t be pulled up. I even asked the people na nasa kabilang dulo to tell the people who would be asking if that seats are already occupied or not to say yes those seats are occupied already. I think SM Cinemas’ chairs should be improved, especially the armrests. By the way the movie we watched was The Mocking Jay part 2 it was a little boring for the 1st half of the film and just got interesting along the middle part. Wala naman nakalagay ah. I sometimes take a picture right at the end like this one, Star Wars pa naman! Log In via Email.

Sound system was ok, screen was ok, seats And the audio volume wasn’t maximized. The Cinema wasn’t the best for me. Lady from the kabilang dulo: This is centerstafe of my cinema experience. It was ventilated just the way I like it! I also noticed that they didn’t play any movie trailers. You could hear other people’s conversations while watching The space under the armrest is empty, between chairs.

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There this group of friends who instantly sit there. Audio and visual quality were good but was just a little irritated with some noisy people at the back. Had fun watching this funny Movie. Not so big screen Also, I would agree to the other reviews that leg room is short. Super kinukit ko yung ticket lady making sure the movie is not in the crappy old lengthwise cinema. We bought our tickets in the S Maison cinema. Enter and confirm your new password. Bakit may ganyang tao? The side speakers weren’t working or if they were you could barely hear it.


Looks like the email you typed in is already used in these Summit sites: I wasn’t really expecting much since I never heard that they’ve renovated already. My heart was beating so fast especially on the last part! Log In via Email. It also promises to deliver the same intimate and convenient service, with movie snacks delivered straight to your seat.

I wonder when will I ever have a descent picture Resorts World ata! The seats were comfortable, though, and in good condition. One of the biggest cinema we have here in the Philippines but they tried to fill it up with so much chairs that it felt like riding a public bus.

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Enter the email address associated with your account, and centersfage email you a link to reset your password. The reason is always because of me forgetting to take a picture while the light’s still on. There were so little leg room for you to move. Isa ka pa wala kong paki sa inyo. Luckily there was a bus waiting for the commuters from the mall. Nakaupo na ako wag mo ko paalisin.


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Say goodbye to cramped leg spaces and heads blocking your view of the screen! Just for added security.

Upon settling down, audiences will be served complimentary and freshly popped popcorn, but if that’s not enough for your appetite, you can select from a special Director’s Club menu. I think you can only centersgage food sold by them also. Room temperature is fine as well. Not a fan of SM Cinemas because leg room is short. I was used to small privy types already.

Sadly, nothing has changed – sticky floors and funny smelling cinema. And that’s a bad thing, especially because Pitch Perfect 2 was showing. The cinema was relatively small and rather unkempt. I finally had the chance to watch “That Thing Called Tadhana” in this movie house.

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A few to occupy all the seats! Seats were not too bad it is comfy too, originally we wanted to watch the movie in 4Dx, unfortunately, everytime i go online to book tickets it is always sold out so i resorted to 2D with great centestage Wala naman nakalagay ah. Just too uncomfy for me.