This page was last edited on 18 October , at And the magic realism, which is so enchanting in the film and integral to its story, just hangs about the edges of the book as a kind of afterthought. Very few books dwell as much as this one does on the innermost feelings of such a wide variety of characters. At first it was I’m always sad when I decide to give up on a book. Nichols examines the plight of the Little Man and the dynamics of conflict in a most enjoyable way. What looked like a simple law enforcement matter got more dicey by the day as the Spanish Milagrans decided they have had quite enough and flummox Mr Devine and his land schemes by standing their ground. Pacheco recovers, and after it is established that Joe shot him in self-defense Joe is released. But I didn’t keep my copy.

So I’m not the only one who was bothered by the excessive, and unnecessary expletives. Where water was so precious, where human organization was so utterly dependent upon a complex irrigation system, it was natural that water rights should seem almost sacrosanct. Thanks for telling us about the problem. New Mexico United States. American governments taxed land, not products, and those taxes had to be paid in cash, a reality for which the Hispanos were unprepared because of their different way of operating. But for the past several decades, trouble has been brewing and the working class farming community has slowly morphed to true hopeless poverty. This is a great read.

And DO NOT read this book just if your name happens to be Milagros and you happen to enjoy a generous helping of beans Under the old system, land grants had been obtained by applying to the Spanish or Mexican governor; both individuals and villages could apply. Essentially Spanish in culture, the settlers included both creoles descendants of Spanish colonists and mestizos those of mixed Spanish and Bfanfield descent. Jul 04, Rheama rated it it was ok. The characters are all so great.

The Milagro Beanfield War by John Nichols

May 24, Rebecca rated it really liked it. I found myself within the first few minutes of reading this book, laughing out loud. In lieu of an abstract, here is a brief excerpt of the content: Until — that is — Jose Mondragon decided to steal irrigation water for a beanfield. The writing is smart and it’s definitely the funniest book I’ve ever read. You’ll follow different characters in different chapters, as they all deal with their own trials and tribulations, usually working at cross purposes with other characters.

This book is about a decade older than me.


Hispanos have traditionally put a low cultural value on cash, which is the very thing that Anglo-American culture has valued above all. The mini-preachment there at the end is wholly beancield once we’ve seen the story play out.

You had a great yarn, Nichols. They work pretty well in a 2 hour movie, but I have less patience for them in a page book. Their ingenuity and synopsus are not as caricatured as you might be given to conclude according to Synopsus descriptions.

New Mexico United States. I think I want to visit New Mexico. He is only the most memorable among a huge cast of memorable characters, though. I don’t know why everybody who pops into a scene has bsanfield have a lengthy backstory. Want to Read saving…. This leads to a confrontation with powerful state interests, including a hired gun brought in from out of town. The Milagro Beanfield War is a splendid book, well worth reading by anyone — and me, wad less, who will be in New Mexico within a few short weeks.

He can’t write prettily but keeps blasting away at a description nonetheless. Horsethief Shorty Wilson so great he gets not just one, but two nicknames, and Nichols is awesome enough to never comment on this fact or give us his real nameHerbie Goldfarb, Ruby Archuleta, Bernabe Montoya, Beanfoeld Gleason in a bit role, but one dear to my heartMercedes Rael, Charley Bloom, Onofre Martinez, Seferino Pacheco and his pig, Jerry Grindstaff, Joe himself of course Veteran jazz pianist and composer Dave Grusin contributed the film’s original music.

Comments from the FBI, the rangers, and oddly, the birders who wanted the preserve back sounded much like dialogue from The Milagro Beanfield War.

By the late s the federal government, and specifically the U. I guessed from that comment that the book would be interesting and maybe challenging. All such communal lands were transferred over to the federal governmentwhich then sold them to homesteaders, developers, and others, or else retained them as National Forest lands.

Not that I doubt John Nichols, but I would like to see for myself. Let’s face it, some writers hit the mark at once in a big way, and struggle the rest of their careers to come close to it again.

Sixteen major floods had struck the Rio Grande between andcausing numerous deaths and extensive property damage. Rest in peace, people of Milagro. Beanfkeld The Milagro Beanfield War By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

I still found the funny parts funny, but probably not as funny as the first time. This time I was thinking about the author wondering if he was a combination of the lawyer Bloom and the volunteer Herbie G.


The Milagro Beanfield War Movie Review Summary

Joe shows little respect for the law. While Pacheco lies close to death in the hospital, a manhunt begins for Joe, who is thought to have escaped into the nearby mountains. Instead of hauling in a hundred half-baked characters — and at least a dozen one-off characters who unnecessarily get backstories as full as the main characters — the film whittles it down to a manageable crew that still represents the gamut of personalities and types.

This novel contains a large number of finely drawn characters with fascinating back stories, which Nichols manages to weave into the main narrativ I first read The Milagro Beanfield War years ago, but in Junewhile traveling, encountered the author’s photo essay about how he came to write the book. Filmed on location in Truchas, New Mexicothe film is set in the fictional rural town of Milagro, with a population ofa predominantly Hispanic and Catholic town, with a largely interrelated population.

There are characters who seem to belong in an angry documentary—like Devine, who wants to turn Milagro into a plush New Mexico resort town. And that white man over there told us these things about the dam and the conservancy and showed us the maps, I consider him of my people too, even though he is a lawyer, even though he speaks funny Anglo Spanish you can hardly understand. Every time he shows up you know you’re in for another luckless low-comedy adventure.

He drives a beat-up old pick-up truck, and usually has several small-time and often shady projects underway at a time. Jun 09, Katie rated it it was amazing. The book seems to have been written by one of those self-loathing white people. I’m glad I waited 30 years. This book is very funny. For over a century the company, founded by the first Ladd Devine in the nineteenth century, has controlled the town. Intentionally yellowed page edges. If you are interested in the relationship of arcane legal entities, interstate compacts, back room logrolling political agreements, and the enforcement mechanisms of each of these upon the lives of normal people trying to live their lives in peace, you must read this book.

It also strikes me as rather cynical. Horsethief Shorty Wilson so gre Just finished a re-read of this novel.