It is very much disturbing to see a lot of indifferences within 10episodes. I have referred your site to so many of y friends in the US. There is no hint about Ganapathi Anna and other brothers and sisters Sivan Sir and so. We really love the title song – the music and the rendition by Sri. No Mahan can be imitated by an actor. Do you know how to view this serial?

Television programs are produced and managed by a group of people who have political connections. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Anyhow lets see how this is going to unfold. Do you know how to view this serial? We have many customers complimenting for the serial and a select few who have deeper knowledge giving us constructive criticism. Notify me of new posts via email. The boy replies his name and asks back the name of the acharya. It is so sad that they rushed through the last couple of the weeks of the episodes and finished the same abruptly.

My intent is episodee pair them to people with accurate information on Periyava and someone who can guide them through the film shooting for perfection on certain fundamentals.

Mahaperiyava’s Mahangalum Adhisiyangalum Vijay TV Episodes! – Shankara!

Please please, dont stop this. Panchanathan Suresh February 28, at 3: Do you know how to view this serial? Many imaginary incidents I think. I am humbled by the generous kindness in your words Shri Venky, thanks a bunch!

They are readily available on the episodee youtube. I appreciate you for this from the bottom of my heart.


Some judgment may be necessary and I would trust the persons who were close to the Maha Periyaval. To the best of ability they should try to picture the correct things and happenings which will be remebered for ever. Seenu May 27, at 3: Mahaangalm should not be allowed to see a twisted version of what Maha Periyaval stood for, lived and preached his entire life. The change has to develop gradually only.

Notify me of new comments via email. Though it is better picturised than many other TV Serials, a lot os shortcomings were also observed.

The episodes have to cater and spread the message not only to the Devotees but also to the general viewers who may not be aware of the early life of Mahaperiyava.

While watching1 I ignore HIStorical errors – which could have been avoided by the producers- and my mind visualizes Mahaperiyaya, overwhelmed with emotion. Before you meet him, you may want to collect some names of people who are willing to consult for the show and help the director. Lets wait with folded hands for the incidents to unfold adgisayangalum wish Mahesh all the best in his Mission.

Will reach out to Sri. Also, many have shared their experiences with Periyava. My heartiest thanks to all stakeholders for this historisation of Maha Periyava’s legendary aruthangal. I have one other idea in case the producers of the show are inflexible. Adhisaangalum far they have already shot 19 episodes and we need to stop this soon…. Vijay TV should understand this. mahaaangalum


Mahaperiyava’s Mahangalum Adhisiyangalum Vijay TV Episodes!

Panchanathan Suresh February 24, at 9: How do I access these videos of mahaperiayava. Our Maha Periyava also does that and we are really blessed to get the shower of his love and affection. Firstly thank you epieode the collectively set of links of this amazing serial.

I think you have given a good suggestion about Kuvalekkal swamigal.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. Ramani Raghavan March 15, at 9: Now we would like to point out certain flaws which need to be corrected, if possible.

It is a great service that you have started by compiling the episodes in archives as they get telecast.

But it brought out the desired effect on the viewers. Absolutely marvelous portrait of His Holiness!! It is very much disturbing to see a lot of indifferences within 10episodes. Vijay TV should have taken this step in the first place. I feel shame for that. Panchanathan Suresh March 4, at Along with you, I also wonder why these guys are missing out a golden opportunity to do this right.

Mahaangalum Adhisayangalum-Tamil (Completed) by Knamhawall – dailymotion

Thanks for the videos. The Mahabharatham aired in this channel has also raised a lot of concerns. Few of the many major mistakes which disturbed are.