Manuel Abella John Arcilla Cayetano, and Trina N. A two part special featured the host of the show, Jolina Magdangal and Marvin Agustin. Manuel then arrives and saves Vera first, followed by Gelai. With no taxis in sight, she finds Louie on his motorcycle, embarrassed after Victoria claimed to not know him on the catwalk, and gets him to drive her to the hospital. Later, Victoria receives a present unaware it’s from Vera and accuses Gelai of sending the prank gift.

But more than the talk about the radio program, the true mystery that hounds her listeners is the anonymity of the DJ herself. Later on, a lady tells Gelai regarding her long lost sister and that they’re close to finding her. Few months later, Victoria and Vera are featured on the cover of a fashion magazine, Chloe and Caloy are seen married in a wedding magazine, and Sonia, Hermes, and Ronaldo are seen in a parenting magazine. Victoria later shows the ultrasound picture to Vera, to which she remembers in a flashback that Victoria was the one to blame for giving her a miscarriage years ago. Later, the police raided the underground and Chloe and Gelai agree to help bail out Louie and Caloy, who were arrested. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet!

Audible Download Audio Books. As Victoria and the entourage were making their way to the roof, they heard someone scream.

Gelai, who happens to be at her shop, gets knocked unconscious by the smoke, and in horror Victoria goes in to save her. After Victoria leaves, Gelai visits him by giving him a dish and then the two sleep together. During the match, Louie is losing and his coach magkxribal Gelai to be there immediately. Vera shouts at Gelai to find the dress knowing all along that she had one of her employees hide the dress.

Teleseryes are aired in prime-time, afternoon, five days a week. The series returned on its second run, premiering on April 30, with Araw Gabi, replacing Hanggang Saan. Vera fires Chloe as project head of the great fight event.

On the other hand, Caloy takes Chloe out to a resort, trying to win her back. However, when she finally comes back to the hospital, she finds it aflame, and the sisters are separated.

Gelai is declared the winner of the contest and Louie is proud of her and he later leaves for 200 while Gelai celebrates her victory with her family and friends. Victoria finally confronts Louie and tells him about her pregnancy and forces him to tell Gelai. The fifth spisode of Doble Kara focuses on the search of Kara’s daughter Isabella, and how several secrets will be exposed when Alex continues to manipulate the family.


Meanwhile, Anna gets adopted by a wealthy man named Ronaldo, who becomes her foster parent and changes her name to Victoria Valera. Vera gets shocked when Manuel’s will revealed that there was nothing left at all and only the house for her, Chloe, and Victoria.

It is also available on VODQ as well. Davis and his men demanding his money back and Gelai returns it to him.

The death of Manuel left everyone in grief and tensions continue between Victoria and Vera during the magkaribql is persuaded by Ronaldo to go to his wake As she went to the church with him Vera reject her condolences and gets enraged on her audacity and tried to push her forcing her to kiss Manuel everyone is shocked at Victoria,s humiliation caused by Vera,Victoria cries and walks home with Ronaldo miserably Vera seizes the opportunity to reject the flowers that Victoria brings at Manuel,s wake.

Caloy is also looking for Chloe and goes to a massage parlour, where he meets a lady that’s also named Chloe and later gets arrested after the parlour was raided. Ethan del Fierro Ryza Cenon[1][11] as 2nd Lt. Johnny 84 episodes, Raquel Monteza Determined to overcome his blindness, he supports himself Member feedback about List of Asintado episodes: They attract a broad audience crossing age and gender lines, and they command the highest advertising rates in the Philippine television industry.

Soon Angela gets food poisoning forcing Anna, then 16 years old, to sell her body in order to afford the expensive medicine. Victoria Gretchen Barretto and her foster father migrate back to the Philippines from Paris and she intends to be the new fashion queen of the Philippines replacing Vera, the woman she blames for her family falling apart. Member feedback about Magkarigal of Desire: His father, David Sr. Betsy 94 episodes, Bianca Manalo Member feedback about Doble Kara season 6: Davis and tells Louie to give it juy.

During rehearsals for an upcoming fashion show, the rivalry continues between Gelai and Victoria.

List of Magkaribal episodes

Louie later visits the hospital, but realizes that Victoria has left and is at the cemetery with Ronaldo burying her unborn child, which was named Ana Angela Abella, alongside the grave of her mother and sister. At the church, Gelai’s parents announce to the guests that the wedding is off and Louie arrives, which resulted in Hermes confronting him.


Start your free trial. At the same time, Cristina, Victoria’s daughter leaves the orphanage where she was raised and moves into an apartment with two other girls, ready to pursue her dream of becom Is he ready to leave his childhood behind and face the difficulties of being a young father?

Manuel was then rushed to the hospital then the doctor gave them the bad news. The lengths that she will go to just destroy the Suarez family is extreme, and Alex promises that one day her revenge will be complete.

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Vera overhears a conversation from a few people that Gelai and Victoria have some resemblance that they could possibly be sisters and she already knows that they are. Gelai is declared the winner of the contest and Louie is proud of her and he later leaves for America while Gelai celebrates her victory with her family and friends. Member feedback about Wildflower season 1: Sonia Agustin 94 episodes, Lyka Ugarte The first episode starred Jennica Garcia and Mart Escudero. Gelai sees Louie surrounded by some men and Louie manages to avoid getting shot.

Himself 92 episodes, Kaye Tinga Meanwhile, Vera plans to sell the house and Chloe gets upset about it, causing her to leave Vera behind and to live with Caloy. She is forced to assume a new identity as Catherine Chuatoco, the widow of a Chuatoco scion and a courageous woman who’s willing to protect her son at all costs and fight for the man she loves. On the other hand, Caloy takes Chloe out to a resort, mahkaribal to win her back.

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Victoria tells Ronaldo that Angela is alive and later goes to episodf cemetery where Gelai grieves over Louie’s gravesite. Vera, having heard of the reunion through the newspaper, gets arrested by police for the fire, but has another plan to obliterate the two sisters. Asawa Ko, Karibal Ko International title: Bianca Kim Chiu obtains her accounting certification and becomes a promising young athlete