Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Magkaribal Episode 72 0. Victoria sees it and jealousy overcomes her. Magkaribal Episode 83 0. Search for ” Magkaribal ” on Amazon. Manuel stops the signing.

Manuel and Vera sells the majority shares to Victoria. This is a story about revenge, love and family. Ronaldo Robert Arevalo advises Victoria about a man who is ready to give up his dreams for the woman she loves. Manuel is selling 42 percent shares to Christian. Donna 94 episodes, Bea Saw Vera fires Chloe as project head of the great fight event. Gelai and Louie pretend to be boyfriend-girlfriend for a slice of cake in a restaurant promo but little do they know that they have to kiss. Magkaribal Episode 86 0.

Vera Angel Aquino rejects the dress that Gelai made and keeps on asking for revision.

Add Image S1, Ep6. Popular Lists Related lists from users Create a list. Gelai talks about her father to Manuel.

The Face-Off: Part 2

Victoria wants to claim the body of his father from Vera. Victoria cannot stand to see the fight so she leaves.

Victoria comes to Vera’s residence for the reading of the will. Gelai was adopted by the Agustin family and Anna was adopted by Ronaldo. Manuel takes Vera safely.


Vera Cruz Robert Arevalo Amgkaribal Episode 86 0. Magkaribal Episode 27 0. Victoria arrives in the party wearing a dress not design by Gelai for she might have allergy from Gelai’s gowns.

At the end of the day, Vera presents it but Victoria only throws it to the bin. Skip to content Chloe tells Grace that she is causing them so much pain and asks her to make fpisode with Andrea. Chloe drinks with Caloy and becomes drunk.

Ledesma’a stockholder of the company, worries about the Great Fight. Vera is saddened by the turn of events in the company. Mila Fernando 60 episodes, Rodjun Cruz Hermes Agustin Arlene Muhlach John Franco 94 episodes, Gelai and Louie are confused about their feelings for each other.

Louie still fights his love for Victoria. Gelai learns from a supplier that a certain Valera ordered the same fabrics she wants to buy. Vera dislikes Manuel offering Gelai a job in the company and she promises to make Gelai’s life miserable. Victoria pries on Gelai’s relationship with Louie.


Gelai rush to the place of match of Louie. Manuel offers her money for the damages but she does not accept it. Chloe Erich Gonzales is frustrated of being a failure all the time after a dress is send back to her for repair. Manuel also informs Vera that their company is going for broke and that Gelai can help them.

A love to last episode 88 – telenovela fever Kenya

Gelai blames herself for the death of Manuel. She promises to do so. She is asking Victoria forgiveness for her father.

Magkaribal Episode 74 0. The Vera Couture needs to have a deal with Alexander Jacobs in order to survive financially.

That is the main event where Louie Derek Mavkaribal is part of. Chloe Erich Gonzales presents her designs to her mother, Vera Cruz, but her