This section needs additional citations for verification. He said historical evidence of Arthur is basically nonexistent and what has been passed down are mostly stories. In a flashback, it is revealed that, when Arthur was a boy, his mother Igraine died in a Woad attack, and that, hoping to be able to rescue his mother from a burning building, Arthur ran to his father Uther Pendragon ‘s burial mound to pull from it the legendary sword that marked it, Excalibur. But King Arthur isn’t really about King Arthur that title only gets assigned at the end ; it’s about the last mission of a Roman commander named Artorius a centurion named Lucius Artorius Castus apparently operated in Britain some years before the film takes place and his faithful knights to guide a favored understudy of the Pope to safety behind Hadrian’s Wall before the bloodthirsty Saxons cut him to pieces. On the Rocks — The once and future king, in his dreariest picture yet”. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Franz Steiner Verlag, The Sarmatians were a confederation of Iranian peoples who initially occupied Sarmatia, the region north of the Black Sea, but who gradually migrated westward during the Roman period.

Several scenes are also omitted from the director’s cut, including one where the knights sit around a camp fire asking about their intended Sarmatian life, in which Bors reveals that his children do not even have names, most simply have numbers. Somewhere in the murk there’s a decent movie just out of reach. The film barely includes the love triangle between Arthur, Lancelot and Guinevere ; whilst Guinevere and Arthur are romantically involved, only a few sequences depict a possible relationship between Lancelot and Guinevere. By the Saxons were already occupying parts of Britain far south of the wall. Arthur’s knights are described differently in the film and the legend. Indeed, the events of the movie suggest a theory that is largely different from the one on which Manfredi’s novel is based, in which Artorius Castus isn’t even mentioned, and neither is the Sarmatian auxiliary army. What the land needs is a champion, someone to unite the people and restore order.

Some historians and fiction writers [18] have even suggested that Cerdic himself was at least part Briton.

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The New York Times. Although Artorius was not contemporaneous with the Saxon invasions of Britain in the 5th Century, it is possible that he was remembered in local tales and legends that grew in the retelling. The real Pelagius was a monk, not a bishop. Romans and Saxons and Picts, oh my! Other liberties were taken with the actors’ appearances: According to the inscription, Artorius served in Syria, Judea, the region around modern Budapest and Romania, Italy, either in Armorica modern Brittany or more probably Armenia, and most importantly for this theory in northern England, before eventually being named governor of modern Croatia.


Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. The cinematic portrayal of Bors is therefore much closer to the traditional depiction of Sir Kay than his legendary namesake.

Germanus of Auxerre’s second and last mission to Britain was twenty years before AD and he died the following year. The two surviving fragments commemorate Lucius Artorius Castus by describing his military career. There is something more, and nastier, going on here than just a bad summer film.

Meanwhile, Cynric savagely mauls Guinevere overwhelming moviee but is then engaged by Lancelot. Oxford University Press, This mission would be unlikely because the Luciua represented casstus extent of Roman move in Britain, except for brief periods of occupation during the 2nd century AD during which time they got as far north as Falkirk in the Central Lowlands of Scotlandwhere pieces of the Antonine Wall are still visible; particularly in Callendar Park.

Though there is evidence for the use of some form of crossbows by Romans calling them manuballistae and, some claim, the Picts, [7] the weapon was still not widely used in England until much later. Arthur and Mordred meet for a desperate parlay, after mofie their armies to attack at the least sign lucjus a sword being drawn.

It begins with a claim to archaeological veracity. This may be a reference to the ill-fated Sir Balinthe “Knight with Two Swords”, but this epithet refers to his cursed sword rather than his fighting style. Arthur and his boys, hungry for retirement, get bogged down in one final mission – its relevance hastily abandoned – and happen upon an imprisoned Guinevere Knightley’s comely tribal princess. Dalmatia, Volume 2 of History of the provinces of the Roman Empire.

King Arthur Review

Despite the film’s alleged historical angle, Merlin was not originally part of the legends. Although paved with good intentions, it’s a grim, at times interminable, journey hobbled by miscasting and a lack of conviction; the killjoy in King Arthur’s court.

Since everything’s preordained — Arthur needs to get crowned — the outcome is hardly a shock, though a few of his knights do give up the ghost, thus levying a personal cost for the newly crowned king. His men, meanwhile, who are heavily garbed in leather and fur, seem to have stepped off the runway of a Sean John fashion show.

While he realizes that his ideal Rome exists only in his dreams, Arthur despairs over the deaths of his men. Breeze, David John; Dobson, Brian. His name “Cerdic” has been argued to be artoriue Germanised form of a Celtic name such as Ceretic or Caradoc. It proceeds to concoct a totally unnecessary and lumpen alternative Arthurian story, in which Merlin is a woad-covered guerrilla leader — the Ho Chi Minh of the ancient Britons — Guinevere his toughest cadre and Arthur luucius Roman soldier who sees the srtorius of his ways.


Nor do they explain why his legend would have been passed down for centuries from Romanized Sarmatians to Romanized Celts to Anglo-Saxons and eventually to Norman English, other than a general tendency of people to repeat old stories.

Arthur defies Marius and frees the captives before deciding to take everyone, along with Marius’ family, back to Hadrian’s Wall. The biggest problem is that Littleton and Malcor offer literally no evidence connecting Artorius to the Sarmatians sent to Britain.

Somewhere in the murk there’s a decent movie just out of reach. One could, in fact, argue that any similarities between the Nart Sagas and Arthurian legend are because whoever composed them borrowed from Arthurian literature. He died years later in Croatia.

Death of a legend [ From The Guardian ] King Arthur without chivalry and romance, without spells, curses and tragic destiny, is a national insult. In other projects Wikiquote. Arthur is loyal to Rome and a devout Christiankucius follows the teachings of Pelagiuswhich many consider heretical.

Roman Officers and Frontiers. Harvard University Press, Lancelot then throws his sword into Cynric and kills him. But King Arthur doesn’t add anything unique to the Arthurian legend, instead coming across as a History Channel-meets- Braveheart popcorn drama too self-serious to be fun and too fast and loose with its selection of sketchily known facts to be taken seriously in the field of Arthurian studies.

It makes far more sense to see these elements as having been independently created in the 12 th through 15 th centuries, as scholars traditionally think. Most Roman soldiers only achieved the rank of Centurion after about 15—20 years of service, but it was not unknown wrtorius some politically connected civilians of the Equestrian class to be directly commissioned as Centurions upon entering the Army. The battle scenes are also bloodier and more graphic.