Stay where I am. I have a picture of the hidden items at the end of this guide. My Candy Love – Episode 25 Guide. That spot on the wheel will then turn to a light green. My Candy Love – Episode 17 Guide. My Candy Love – Episode 28 Guide. Item can be found under accessories in your closet.

So my computer did an automatic update for Firefox and now lists MyCandyLove as an insecure site for personal information. Illustration is based on highest LOM and three dialogue choices. If you asked me out, we could be alone on other occasions! Nathaniel is preparing a speech. There are five items you must find to clean up the room. During the play you will once again have to pick the answers you chose during the rehearsal. I ignored him yesterday.

Why do you like boys…? My Candy Love – Episode 19 Guide. Armin and Amber agree to never speak of their one cancy make-out session. Will you forgive me?

No more time wasted wandering aimlessly around the halls for days, maybe weeks on end if we were unfortunate enough to have to locate Nathaniel, gone was the frustration of only kizjet able to move around 5 times or so each day just to come up one move short of fulfilling an objective…. Auntie can be found in the library during and right after objective: The other is when you try and get Dake and Lucy together. I like to study at the foot of my bed!


The pet is given randomly. This, even after his Kim Possible stage! I feel sorry for her now. At that time you will have three chances to change the dialogue that is part of the play.

Once you make this choice he will then become your highest LOM. Teddy bear increase LOM Lysander: Iris started dating a new guy. What made you kizmey to go against Deborah? During the play you will once again have to pick the answers you chose during the rehearsal. Is there a problem? Alexy has a hot date with…some random guy he met online…be careful Alexy! I was bothered since the beginning!

eldarya-no-lorraine: aprettyideal: kizmetcandy – Pretty Ideal

You choose if you want sexy time. Hamlet get happy mask Keep reading. My Candy Love – Episode 21 Guide. Picture of how to find candles at the bottom of guide. There’s a lot of things happening here, including dating kizmte hot guys that also attend this school.

Does anyone have any suggestions, please? Extra dialogue happens after illustration with a certain boy depending on which boy is your highest LOM. Because Lysander talked about it too…And he was quite bothered by the whole thing.


Maybe you feel a little guilty to have hurt that girl? What does that mean? She got just what she deserved!

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Their rooms are awesome. Making the deal with Amber: Originally posted by couplenotes. My Candy Love – Episode 26 Guide. Yeah, we would have managed to unmask her without you though. February 19th, at This will be when you are trying to find him with Kim.

My Candy Love and Eldarya Illustrations and Guides

There are some things I can just smell. So to get the illustration you must complete 4 to 5 episde as well as pick the right date outfit. Things get hot and heavy once more. This does not upset me, I just wonder what can push you to invite boys home….