Yuvi tries to speak to Ashi about his problem but is unable to do so. Yuvi is delighted when Yashwant Dev orders Jumbo to appoint a Sports coach in the college! Forgot password Forgot Username. Ranveer receives the letter and asks Tia about it and she denies having sent it. Raghu reminds Ranvir that as Raghu had said earlier, Ranvir had been treated unfairly and has thus got the harsher punishment. These are lists of animated television series. Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho.

Raghu sees Tia for the first time and is totally taken aback by her beauty. Shy encourages her to gain her trust and Pri is happy with her new-found friend. Yuvi is busy preparing his victory speech. Episode – Apr 10, Yashwant Dev comes to college and congratulates his son on winning the elections. Ranveer tries to speak to Tia but things get out of control and Arjun and Ranveer almost break into a hand fight. Ranveer actively helps in planning the party. Tia’s angels decide not to talk about Ranveer in front of her. He meets Jumbo and manages to get selected for the Sociology Professor’s post.

The channel was launched on December 1, as Pinwheel and on April 1, as Nickelodeonand airs a mix of animated and live-action shows. There is no consistent system for organizing MythBusters episodes into seasons. Star India has much to cheer eposode Golden Globes. Tia is still hurt about what she has read about Ranveer and does not join the protest. Change the way you watch movies. The passing between the Maurya boys seem rusty and they do not yet seem to pose any substantial threat on their opponents.

Member feedback about List of most watched television broadcasts in the United States: They all begin to argue and do not even give Ashi a chance to tell them about her plans. Will the fake letter end it all?

Episode – Jan 19, Sumeet confronts Mitra and along with other parents, organizes a protest against the authorities and against Mitra and Mitra is forced to reconsider Ranveer’s expulsion. Shy hits Tia with water balloons on her head and the two girls get into a cat fight.


This list follows the calendar year, as per the official episode guide. Milind feels happy watching his son Sumonto sleeping. Its exceptional longevity still amazes people in a city where scripted TV drama programs typically only last around 20 episodes.

Member feedback about List of Counting On episodes: Tia is upset after reading the comments written about her in the Maurya Masala, but Ranveer comes to her and tells her that she should not be affected by such dumb and vague comments. Just then Jumbo enters and sees them together Last updated on January 6, List of programs broadcast by Nick Jr. He suspects Yuvi and Ashi of sending him the letter.

Everyone is happy as Ranveer is back in college. Episode – Sep 22, Ranveer is horrified when Arjun asks him to stay away from Tia as Ranveer’s secret is out now and he would have to face the consequences that follow. Meanwhile, Yuvi tries to trace a phone number.

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On the other hand, Discovery sells DVD sets for “seasons”, which sometimes follow the calendar year and sometimes do not. He comes outside Tia’s room to talk to her. The boys find a letter addressed to Yashwant Dev in Mitra’s book.

This is a list of anime series by episode count, with episoxe series of at least episodes, and OVA series of at least 20 episodes. Raghu is trying to taunt Ranveer to a fight. Sumeet Ahuja and Ranveer are pleased as Arjun is not at the party. Ashi and Tia manage to sneak out of class to meet Chiche in order to plan for their birthday party. Episode – Oct 31, Ranveer’s mother tells epiwode about the problem they are currently facing with the school.

Yuvraj and Ranveer are forced to reveal their true identities before Mitra and Yashwant Dev. Episode – Jan 18, Jumbo decides to epidode to the students himself and is shocked to see Tia leading the protest as bhe had suspected Ashi behind all this. But then, Tia refuses to accept it, when she realises that it was made by Shyla.


Yaswant Dev tells Yuvi that he has had enough of Remix and that he would hold his rally at a different place. Al Fondo Hay Sitio.

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Episode – Oct 10, Realising how important the performance is for Yuvi and the other three kids, Sonia decides to keep the guitar back from where she had taken it.

They have just 12 hours left now to save the school. Conspiracy — Action—mobisode And before Yuvi could reach the restaurant, Yashwant Dev had threatened Yuvi’s mom, so as to prevent her from meeting Yuvi. Episode – Aug 2, Still upset with Yuvi, Ashi is all by herself crying and then gets really annoyed when she sees Aditya clicking her snaps. Ranveer walks out alone on the roads and is preoccupied in his thoughts. Arjun is about to slap her, but Ranveer who comes episkde to talk to Tia, stops him.

Arjun’s not being around is bringing them closer.

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Shyla is now upset seeing the two together and she blasts Latika, thinking that she had published the Maurya Masala, thereby foiling all her plans! Plzyer of television programs topic This is a list of lists of television programs articles.

Sana Ay Ikaw Na Nga. All the kids come for the party and are ready to rock.

Episode – Epislde 14, The kids at Maurya High try all that they can to postpone the entrance exams so that Ranveer can attend it. Lists of American western television series epi