Lee Soon walks past the two ladies and smirks. Awww, the stirrings of young male lust. In Kyung goes to find Ok Jung and begs her to be her handmaiden at the first Crown Princess selection. He remembers back to the death of Mrs. Their faces are close together and they pause for a moment, only for Lee Soon to get startled by flapping chickens and jolt forward to plant a kiss on Ok Jung. Ok Jung goes to the library and grabs the book and is immediately engrossed in it.

While Kim Tae Hee certainly pales in comparison next to Yoo Ah-in In acting ability and saeguk speech, not in looks , but I think so far she is holding it together admirably. Posted 03 June – I like it when baddies face off with other baddies. Ok Jung finishes the skirt and arrives in time to put on on In Kyung before her one-on-one meeting with the Queens. They arrive at the laundry building and Ok Jung asks for permission to use a cloth to make a skirt. His sincerity is so sweet.

Chingus, I think I have found my new k-drama crack. Turns out his mother orders clothes from her. Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled. Finding someone equal to their own strength… they got how special that was. And obviously is interested. She says they can share the profits — she designs epdfama soldier uniforms and he bids, if his merchant group wins the bid, her profit can be used to pay back the loan.


The Official “Jang Ok Jung, Living in Love” Thread

Download RAW files Torrent: OMG these two are too cute. Posted 14 May – Lee Soon walks through the empty Palace grand courtyard where all the arrangements are made but not a single person there.

Anyway, my choice is Jang Ok Jung. But it did get boring. In a country like Joseon where anything other than a noble is considered as lowly as a dog and cat, that is the only way.

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I admire her for that. His sincerity is so sweet.

Dear Koala, Thank you so much for all of the recaps. I am totally guessing at which links to hit when it becomes Hangul. Dongpyung fights off the attackers and tells Ok Jung to run away to safely. The day of the first Crown Princess selection arrives and the ladies and their maids pull up to the Palace gates. I like it when baddies face off with other baddies. Up, Up and Away! I mean, I try to not spoil, and have obvious big spoiler warnings if I do but… better safe than sorry!

Ok Jung feels differently, she would rather be a firework since junf person only has one lifetime to live and she would rather be eye-catching even if it means flaming out quickly. Not perfect, epframa very much beloved. I really detest it when writers portray women as green-eyed witches who turns into scheming, cackling monsters when other women are at play in the same love-game.


Young JOJ was not a wilting flower and I agree that you get the feeling she can take care of herself.

She does not idealize men. And I hope this is not a shipwreck! Minister Min smirks that Lee Soon at least knows to call himself immature. I am so happy!

Well you did a fabulous job, from what I can tell! What I really hate is watching people become vegetative love robots after falling in love.

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He reveals the Crown Prince is taking over army procurement and learning more governance. And where is Chi Soo, by the way? I was waiting for your recap for this ep, because well, nobody else does recap for this drama.