Its all about to concern teenagers form bad company. She finds Shreya sitting in the bedroom and looks very upset. Later in night, she has a video chat with him while crying. End of Innocence Intertitle. Learn how your comment data is processed. One woman was in full blood and nobody came to her rescue. Soon, he hears a door bell and hides her inside a box beneath the bed.

Main Jhuth Nahin Bolta. She reaches a place and finds Raunak speaking with a young woman and trying to lift the bags. He comes back to present and apologizes to the old lady for giving her much troubles by giving life for one day. Comedy Nights with Kapil — The opening episode was co-anchored by Chitrangada Singh and Karan Kundra. Soon, he hears a door bell and hides her inside a box beneath the bed. He finds Jyoti and introduces her as his colleague in front of his wife. Gurpreet is beaten and he informs the police of not doing anything and the police offer asks him why did he ran out from the city.

Sooner, Gurpreet is also arrested and taken to the station for questioning.

Soon, Gayatri starts to vomit and speaks of getting pain. The show explores and suggests the right measures to avert crimes, narrating real-life stories revolving around harassment, kidnapping, murders and all sorts of crime made by teenagers. Aamir Khan, Sridevi, Amitabh Bachchan. Audible Download Audio Books.

Mumbai News Network : Actor Kamaljeet Rana featured on Channel V’s Gumrah

Each title is ranked according to its share of pageviews among the items displayed. After killing her, Anuj goes to give a sedative injection to Gayatri who tries to stop him in doing so but in e;isode.


Preeti informs that humrah was not serious in her chats and suggests Jyoti to grow-up. She informs of being alone and is not dumb since her family went away for the wedding. He apologizes and agrees to confess on camera. Gumrah End of Innocence — 7.

Gumrah End of Innocence

Rakhi episodes, He informs that he has a wife for emotional needs while he needs her for physical. She cries more but nevetheless continues to be the victim and realizes about her wrongdoing.

Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum.

The media person asks Who is Vivaan or whether he was her boyfriend? Add the first question. Instead, he misused his capabilities.

He befriends her and she gives him some tuitions since he is weak in studies. She reminds him on not being a prostitute and cries while he insists her to part of his plan.

Anuj gets nervous to see his crime blinx to forefront. Disha speaks that CCTV footage of that night is also missing and her father asks whether police have shared anything with media and also suggests where is Gurpreet who used to have bad intentions regarding his daughter. Whether police will inform the media why she has called so many times? He confesses on trapping Jyoti and forced her to strip, and also he has a website where people pay money.

She informs him of coming there with Gurpreet and asks him whether he knows Gurpreet and he replies no. She reaches a place and finds Raunak speaking with a young woman and trying to lift the bags. She threatens him but he asks her to not do such thing.


Karan the host speaks that Anuj was getting attention and is mistaken to take it as love. Avni bids a painful adieu to Neela in Naamkarann. She informs Anuj on his makeover — clothes, smiles, gkrl pulao over khichdi. He recollects on giving high dose of medicines to Gayatri.

Later, Anuj comes to meet Gayatri with blindd letter and rose in a colorful attire — red shirt and tie. Celina speaks that in this media circus not only Shreya but there are many more victims and Abhay speaks that she is right.

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But what happened really on that night, why Shreya jumped from our balcony? He informs her that another camera from nearby ATM centre has captured her presence.

She withdraw the money at 3: Anuj is seen with the head nurse on 3rd October He speaks of a gift and sends a MMS video of the night he shared with episoed. Naagin season 3 Kavach Full Cast and Crew.