The leather headband does a fine job of evenly distributing what little weight there is. I personally don’t find them uncomfortable; the earpads do need some time to settle in as they are a little stiff out of the box. It ships pairs costing thousands in thin cardboard boxes and must be the only major player that actively tries to sell itself like a small family-run cobblers. I only wish I had more headphones to compare them to, but my budget is limited. I think someone else wrote a review and has something similar to say about the SR60e. Needless to say that this is one of the best, if not THE best forum in the world, regardless of type.

The SR60e does lack in the soundstage department when compared to the HD No, create an account now. Accessory wise you get a a 3. This was a fitting product from which to make a final leap. Then all of a sudden it’s just like what did I do to my ears, they have a bit of clamp I’ll be sure to stretch the headband. Club-footed imports can’t match the sonic enlightenment from Brooklyn, USA. Audio nirvana for me is a state of mind, not a state of equipment. This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register.

Improved cord –it really looks pretty much the same but it has a more rubbery and pliable feel over my previous SR60’s. The peak brings out energy and sparkle in the initial cymbal crash in music, making them really engaging and not lacking up top at all.

Grado is truly the last samurai wr80e the headphones world. The cups are plastic but well put pretsige, the headband is a vinyl covered metal band; the sliders are metal rods in rod blocks. With any kind of a soundstage at all, the mids would be outstanding.


Clear, warm, and great sounding. So overall if you want a cheap headphone, aren’t going to be wearing them very long periods more than 2 hours. I wanted to post a few initial thoughts and observations on them.

The SR80e are an open back, on-ear headphone so they will not isolate from outside noise, also this means they leak sound. The highs were quite nice. Best over-ear headphones Hope you could find the perfect match for you. Needless to say that this is one of the best, if not THE best forum in the world, regardless of type. I did bent the headband to my specific head site for better comfort out of the box it’s Tight as Grado recommend it, now comfort is a bit better, still on ear though, maybe I’ll invest on some bowl shaped ones later, or just upgrade it completely.

Let your budget decide. They are round slabs of foam, less soft and more scratchy than just about any alternative we could mention. The SR80e has such a clean midrange; this is partly due to prdstige incredibly well controlled bass.

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These Grado’s were designed for rock music and they do a great job of that. The leather headband does a fine job of evenly distributing what little weight there is.

Pros – Detail, Grado’s magical mids, deep bass notes, retro looks, deries, made in USA, easy to drive.

It cuts through the music? Reply February 18, Tibor. Treble These is a bit of a peak in the treble but it does not induce fatigue or harshness, the old SR80 was slightly leaner sounding which lead them to be a little more fatiguing. I wasn’t extremely impressed with them when I first heard them, but after two months, and hundreds of hours of listening, these things are ridiculously good for the price.


Going back and forth between the two headphones, bass was night and day.

This is what defines zero bleeding. Normally I would purchase them locally, aeries the local retailor was very proud of them. Best Over Ear Headphones. So if you feel enraptured by the SR60e after 1st try, just take it home with you. I could literally feel each hit. At the same time, you get a hunger to find out what else is out there and start searching for your ideal “sound”.

Plastic feels different –the plastic cups FEEL different. The SR80es come in a thin cardboard box that may be damaged by the time heaf open it if you buy online. With some songs, I hear more timbre in the bass guitar and better quality mids than previously whereas I think the bass is worse for pop and electronic bass than it was before.

Grado SR80e Headphone Review

I would like to thank every audio company who ever considered or accepted me as one of the reviewers for a world tour of their upcoming products. Best Portable On-Ear Headphones. Instantly feel like they suck.