Wilson worked as a factory girl in one of Lord Stockbridge’s mills. Retrieved 8 June The valet of one of the guests at the house, Robert Parks, is in fact the son of Lord Stockbridge and his housekeeper, Mrs. Women were told that the babies would be adopted by good families. No one is permitted to leave the house. In the drawing room, actor Ivor Novello Jeremy Northam plays the piano to lighten the atmosphere. Gosford Park Movie Review Summary.

Films directed by Robert Altman. Mrs Wilson offered him a cup of coffee, which she had poisoned beforehand. Denton reveals that he is an actor who has been researching for a role in an upcoming film, resulting in the other servants’ ire. Sylvia’s sister Lavinia married a hopeless Naval Commander who adores his wife but is a wreck in business, and William is hoping to get out of the week-end without having to tell Cmdr. He shot the film on Kodak Vision Expression T film stock generally with two Panavision cameras, using lighting ranging from relatively dim candles to bright hydrargyrum medium-arc iodide lamps. Retrieved 1 May

At dinner, Lady Sylvia states that Sir William was a war profiteer. Has anyone checked her outfit?

Wilson worked as a factory girl in one of Lord Stockbridge’s mills. Balaban suggested an Agatha Christie -style whodunit and introduced Altman to Julian Fellowes, with whom Balaban had been working on a different project. Separate from membershipthis is to get updates about mistakes in recent releases.


From this he drew the conclusion that Sir William was in fact, his father. Lieutenant Commander Anthony Meredith. Roger Ebert awarded it his highest rating of four stars, describing the story as “such a joyous and audacious achievement it deserves comparison with his [Robert Altman’s] very best movies.

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Ivor is playing the piano for his supper, and Morris thinks the whole upper crust world is too hilarious for words, and is mining it for research for his next picture, Charlie Chan in London.

Mrs Wilson had understood the true meaning of Robert Parks upbringing. Retrieved 1 May But when you make a picture using a spoiller, that’s its name. The New York Times. Mrs Wilson takes note when valet, Robert Parks Clive Owen mentions having been raised in an orphanage. Any who became pregnant were offered two choices: It is a world where everything runs in order, both upstairs, where Sir William and his much younger wife Lady Sylvia indulge in a very comfortable existence spoilee shooting, dinners, and parties, gksford downstairs, where the servants work endlessly under the command of the butler Mr.

Owner of the Gosford Park estate, and married to: Who murdered William McCordle? He is married to the Earl of Carton’s eldest daughter, Sylvia. So, who is everybody? Retrieved 19 July Instead, they all participate in an elaborate lunch outdoors in the Greek rotunda.

Some of the women used to work for him in his factories and he was known to take advantage of his female employees.


Gosford Park Movie Review Summary

Not to be confused with Gosforth Park. The ladies later join the men for lunch where Commander Anthony Meredith Tom Hollander pleads with Sir William not to back out of a business scheme.

In other projects Wikiquote. William as nouveaux riche, and he and his wife cannot actually stand one another. The Red House starring Edward G. Being the faithful servant and prepared for all eventualities, as always, she had brought the poison with her, and quickly poisoned the whiskey before handing it over to him.

Archived from the original on 14 April Wikiquote has quotations related to: Music from the movies, Royal Albert Hall, London”. For example, the film takes a subtle look at sexual mores during the s. It is still an open question if Robert Parks ever figured out the true relationship between him and Mrs Wilson, it is however clear that she knew that he was her son.

She brought two friends to the party: Born in Cardiff, Wales, he lived between Archived from the original on 22 July